A Letter to Those Who Can't See the Light

To those who cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel,


I understand.

I understand you have no motivation to get out of bed, you have no motivation to eat, you have no motivation to see anyone.

I understand you don’t see a purpose in each day.

I understand it’s hard to open up to others.

I understand there are scary, uncontrollable feelings constantly taking over your body.

I understand you no longer have any interest in what used to be your favorite activities.

I understand the way your heart pounds in your chest in the morning as you wake up with fear overwhelming your body.

I understand it takes actual energy and effort to smile to others.

I understand, but please don’t give up.

Keep going for your future family and children.

Keep going for your diploma.

Keep going for all the people who would have a hole in their life without you in it.

Keep going for the excitement that comes with each birthday.

Keep going for the feeling you get when you’re on your way to see your family for the first time in months.

Keep going for the smell of your grandmother’s home cooked meals.

Keep going for the joy that comes with Christmas morning.

Keep going for the chance to experience true joy again.

Keep going because the reason I am able to tell you I understand is because I kept going.


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