A letter to second semester seniors

Congrats class of 2019! We are so close to being done! I’m not going to lie, I am the student counting down the days until graduation and cannot wait to start my life outside of school. As someone graduating in 2 months, I have made it my goal to make the most of these last days as a student and you should too.

Now is the time to try all of the restaurants in your college town you have been planning to try in the last 4 years and have never gotten around to. Go out the nights that you should be studying. You’re only in college once and it will never be the same after graduation. Meet up with friends you haven’t seen in a while. You never know when you will see someone after school ends and people move away. It could be years, so why not see them now and catch up? Ask that hot guy out you’ve been staring down since the first day you had class together. You might end up together for the rest of your life. Or you might never see him again after the first date. But, why not at least try? You will be leaving campus soon anyway so go for it! Dating is different after college. It’s harder to meet someone to date no less someone to even be friends with. You will have to go out of your way to put yourself out there so why not practice now and put yourself out there? This should be the time that you have the most fun with your friends and soak it all up. You’ll never live as close to your best friends as you do now. So live it up and make the most of the time you have left. Make your last year your best year!

If you needed some motivation or inspiration for your final days of college, this is it. Have fun, hang out, go out, and don’t freak out about finding your dream job and making 100k a year as soon as you can. You’ll find the job for you when the time is right and it will be great when you do. Congrats class of 2019, have an amazing final few months!