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Lee Hermanek

Lee Hermanek, junior marketing major, joined a sorority for the sisterhood and service opportunities, and ended up getting way more than she expected. After moving from Risk Management Chair to her sorority’s president last year, Lee decided to share her ideas with the rest of the Greek community. She managed to do so by becoming president of the entire Panhellenic Association. This gave her the perfect opportunity to voice her opinions with the rest of the Greek community and the entire ISU campus.
HC: What do you feel are the benefits of being involved in Greek life on campus?
Hermanek: The benefits keep on coming every day for me! I have met lifelong friends, even people from different chapters.  I was given many leadership opportunities that have so many benefits.  I got to make a change in my chapter and I am trying, along with my executive council, to make a change on our current Greek community. 
HC: Are you involved in any other clubs/orgs on campus? Also, what are some of your hobbies or interests?
Panhellenic gives me the opportunity to be a part of so much.  I am also a member of the Student Affairs StudentAdvisoryCommittee.  In my spare time I like to run, whether it’s at the rec or outside.  I love to bake, although I am not very good at it…  but at least my treats usually come out of the oven edible!

HC: So, how do you balance all of your schoolwork, meetings, etc?
Hermanek: Sometimes I wish I could add more hours to the day!  My days are always planned from the moment I wake up until the time I go to sleep.  I have a set time for my class, office hours, Panhellenic meetings, and when I need to get my homework done.  I have a calendar for each day and I try to stay as organized as possible.  It’s nice to be busy and always have something to do!

HC: What would your advice be to someone looking to get involved in Panhellenic?
Hermanek: Come to the meetings, come to all of our events, and come speak with any member on the Panhellenic Council! We love when people come chat with us about their involvement with Panhellenic.
HC: What are the main goals of the Panhellenic exec board this year?
Hermanek: Some of our main goals are to work more closely with the other two Greek councils, IFC, and NPHC.  We want to be more involved with each other in order to strengthen our community.  We are also trying to have a Panhellenic Philanthropy and work with the Humane Society of Central Illinois.  We are also trying to promote more unity among the chapters on campus. 

Lee proves that there are endless benefits to being involved. She has learned so much not only about the campus and the Greek organization, but also about herself along the way. She is thankful for the memories and experiences she has had so far in her college career that she attributes to her leadership positions. Lee can’t wait to see where her senior year takes her!

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