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Laying Down the Law: The best blog intro you’ll ever read

Waddup players.

I spent around 20 minutes trying to think of a good intro for my first blog post and that’s what I came up with, so if you don’t like it you might as well stop reading now. Some of you out there may be wondering why I started writing this blog and what it is all going to be about. Others of you, most likely my close friends, will probably be wondering why in her right mind my editor gave me the permission to have a blog where I can write whatever my weird mind thinks of. And others of you might be wondering if you went to Mcdonalds twice, or just once today. But heck, I’m not a mind reader so to answer some questions: truthfully, I started this blog because one night in high school when I was trying to fall asleep I thought of the kick butt name I could use if I ever started writing a column or a blog, and I finally have the chance to use it. And because of that, “Laying Down the Law” has been born (can I get a little “what what” for the great name though? Admit it you like it). Also, I am obsessed with the blogs Betches Love This (betcheslovethis.com) and Megan Amram (meganamram.tumblr.com/) and I selfishly wanted my own personal space to ramble about my funny daily occurrences.

Just to tell you a little about myself, so you can get to know the magnificent beauty of who’s words you are reading. My name is Megan Lawler, I am a future stay-at-home mom in training. I enjoy heckling tour groups on the ISU quad and being obsessed with things. I am the type of person who needs to notify everyone when my favorite part of a song is coming on and I anytime I see a cute baby on the streets I feel the need to yell “BABY!” and point at it. It is almost physically impossible for me to get embarrassed and I will never be friends with you if you refuse to indulge my fantasy that I am the real Beyonce Knowles (and you must clap for me every time I start to booty pop). Now that I have just shared with you my entire E-Harmony page, free of charge, I hope I have won over your approval and can still get you to keep reading.

See this blog post is just a little test drive, an appetizer if you may, to the future posts I will have. The subjects will range everywhere from the Workaholics cast (yum) to Chipotle (yummier) to even tampons! (joking, I would never write about tampons who do you think I am? That’s disgusting). But really though, I’m excited for the adventure of seeing what absolute nonsense gets posted throughout the year by yours truly and I hope you will stick along for the ride to watch it all happen. I will be updating my blog weekly so you can come back and check them out or follow me on Twitter (mlawler82) and I will post the links there. So spread the word, chalk it on the quad, e-mail it to your relatives, because I want this blog to be the next biggest thing since Ryan Lochtes abs at the Olympics.

Stay crazy my soon-to-be loyal readers,
Lawler Baller

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Megan Lawler

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