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Lauren Ryan ’18

Lauren Ryan isn’t the type of person you want in your life. She is the type of person you NEED in your life.


Everyone needs a friend that is so full of life and joy to remind them that being serious all the time is just a little too boring. If you know Lauren, you’ll know that she has probably never been in a bad mood in her life. There’s never a moment when she’s not laughing at herself or making the most out of bad situations.


Lauren just returned home after spending a semester studying abroad in Florence, Italy. She is the Financial Vice President of the Gamma Phi Beta Sorority and is also an active member of the Co-Ed Professional Business Fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi. She can also quote every line from the Lizzie McGuire Movie.

Name: Lauren Ryan


Hometown: Downers Grove, IL


Year in School/Age: Junior/21


Major: Human Resource Management


Favorite Food: Chocolate Covered Anything!


Favorite Netflix Addiction: Tied between Friends and One Tree Hill

Her Campus: Can you tell us a little about your experience abroad and why others should consider going?


Lauren Ryan: It was such an incredible four months. You get to see and experience so much from traveling. Traveling at a young age really does help you find yourself. It made me realize what I want out of life in the future and who I truly am as a person. I think living in a foreign country teaches you how to be independent on a completely different level. It made me fall in love with the world and now I only want to add on to my list of countries to explore. Students should definitely go abroad because right now is the perfect time to travel and get out of your comfort zone!


HCISU: How do you manage your time by holding an executive position in Gamma Phi Beta, being a full-time student, and an active member of DSP?


LR: Since freshman year, I have lived by my planner. Being really involved has taught me how to manage my time well and how to be extremely organized. I have put time aside for my position every day and in both of my organizations, I try my absolute best to be equally involved by planning the amount of time I will spend at events each week.


HCISU: What can we find you doing in your free time?


LR: I like to online shop (Urban Outfitters is my weakness). I also really enjoy decorating and scrapbooking. Anyone that knows me knows how much I love taking pictures, so I love to collect them all and reminisce. I also love spending time with the people I love so I’d say I enjoy being with my best friends and family the most whenever I have free time.


HCISU: Where do you see yourself in ten years?


LR: I see myself either still living in the Chicago suburbs or living somewhere in California. I see myself being a Human Resource Manager at a company that I hopefully love. I also hope to be married with children and to be fully content.


Thanks for talking with HC Lauren! It’s been a pleasure hearing from you!


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