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Lauren Moravecek

Most college students find juggling class and their social life each week, yet for Lauren Moravecek, senior elementary education major, class and friends are just the tip of the ice berg. During the past four years, Moravecek has been an actively involved student on campus, whether she is seen leading the Competitive Dance Team, hostessing each week at Biaggi’s in town, or attending a meeting for one of her many other obligations. Although some may shy away from this kind of involvement and work, Moravecek is the perfect example for anyone that if you put your mind to something, it can be achieved. She is one campus celebrity whose presence will surely be missed!
HC:Tell me about what you’ve been involved in over the past four years. How much time was spent doing everything on your calendar? Was it ever stressfull? What kept you motivated during those times?
Moravecek: At ISU I was involved in the Competitive Dance Team, Golden Apple Scholarship Program, Kappa Delta Epsilon, Kappa Delta Pi, Students Serving Individuals with Disabilities (SSIDS), the Sigma Chi March Madness coach, and a Central Illinois Down Syndrome Organization tutor. Throughout my four years my calendar was ALWAYS packed! I had at least one meeting per night during the week, so things got pretty busy! I wouldn’t change it for the world though! I have always been really involved since high school, so my life without any activities would drive me nuts! To keep motivated I always created lists per day. Lists helped to remind me what I had to do and crossing it of always made me feel accomplished!
HC: Tell me a little bit about the dance team you are a part of. How long have you been dancing and what made you want to continue all these years? Do you plan on continuing to dance after college?
Moravecek: I have been dancing since I was three years old, therefore all four years of college I have been a member of the ISU Competitive Dance Team. The team is student-run and works together without a coach to prepare for NDA Collegiate Nationals in Daytona Beach, Florida. I have been captain for the past two years and have brought back a 3rd and 6th place finish in the Division 1 Open Dance category for ISU! The friendships I have made on the team, as well as the excitement at performances and nationals had kept me coming back every year. Dance plays a huge role in my life; therefore I can never imagine my life without it! After college I plan to try out for the Chicago Rush Adrenaline Dance Team, and eventually the Chicago Bulls Luvabulls!
HC: You’ve had a part-time job here as well, right? How much did you work and do you think it is possible for students to be involved on campus and work as well?
Moravecek: While at ISU, I have held a part-time job since my second semester sophomore year. Over the last year and a half I have worked as a hostess at Biaggi’s, working about 10-15 hours a week. I also worked for TEAMDance Illinois as an official and the director of the new college division! I am a living example that it IS possible to be involved on campus and have a job! Time management plays a HUGE role in my life. I have learned how to make time for all of my activities, as well as my school work and social life. It’s hard work, but it pays off in the long run!
HC: What are you looking forward to after you graduate?
Moravecek: After graduation, I am looking forward to starting a career and a family (but not too soon)! As much as I will miss college life, there are still many exciting moments to come now that it is over!
HC:What will you miss the most about ISU?
Moravecek: There are so MANY things I will miss about ISU. I will certainly miss seeing all my friends whenever I want to. I will miss the organizations I have been part of. I will miss getting a yellow parking stub at the library even though I know I will be there till close anyways, therefore parking is free! I will miss the FOOD. (McCallister’s for sure!) And last but not least, I will miss the quad when it’s nice out and everyone is outside doing homework, throwing frisbees, etc.

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