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Justin Chhoeun ’20

This school year was the third consecutive year that Illinois State University has broken its freshman enrollment rate, so Her Campus ISU thought it would be perfect to catch up with heavily-involved freshman, Justin Chhoeun. He is the Vice President of the ISU Spanish Club, and he is an undergraduate research assistant for solid state chemistry for one of his professors. Justin took time out of his busy schedule to share a little bit about himself with Her Campus.

Name: Justin Chhoeun

Nickname: Choo Choo

Year: Freshman

Major: Biochemistry

Minors: Spanish and Pre-Pharm

Hometown: Glendale Heights

Favorite Food: Mac n’ Cheese

Favorite Color: Blue

Sign: Sagittarius

Her Campus: Why did you choose ISU?

Justin Chhoeun: I chose ISU because it was an affordable option, and it was close but far enough from home.

JC: How was the transition from high school to college for you?

JC: The transition was easy because I was already accustomed to the heavy course load. It was easy to make friends because I took part in Camp LEAD as well.

HC: What do you like to do in your free time?

JC: I like to play volleyball and go to the gym in my free time. I also like scrolling down my Tumblr.

HC: If you weren’t in your current major what would you be doing?

JC: If I weren’t going to school for biochemistry, I would still do something in the science field because I love science too much.

HC: What’s something interesting about you that not many people know?

JC: I have a mallet toe, that’s weird.

HC: What is your favorite animal?

JC:  My favorite animal is an owl because they can spin their heads 180 degrees.

HC: Anything you would like HC readers to know?

JC: I’m good at Nintendo games. I have 40,000 views on a YouTube video on a game that I don’t play anymore.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Justin just as much as I did!

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