The Joy Fall Brings Me

Fall has finally arrived, and that means everything is right in the world again. Bring on the cool weather, big sweaters, and everything pumpkin spiced. Fall has always been my favorite season because it has so much to offer that I’m never left unsatisfied, and I figured there is no better time than now to talk about why fall is the best season.


The Weather

Fall has the perfect weather because it’s never too hot or cold. The only time I like the heat is when I'm at the pool trying to get a tan, thus fall weather gives me the most comfort. I can walk outside with a long-sleeved shirt or chunky sweater, while feeling a nice breeze and see the multi-colored leaves. Being outside in fall is such a peaceful experience because you aren’t sweating and there is beautiful scenery all around.

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The Activities

There is so much you can do during fall from spending the whole day at a pumpkin patch or just having a fun photo shoot with friends because the scenery is beyond beautiful. Every year I look forward to my annual pumpkin patch trip with my family because it is always such a fun time. I get a huge pumpkin cookie, apple cider, and walk around for hours. There is just a pure, simplistic joy of walking around a pumpkin patch and seeing the corn maze, Halloween decorations, and of course, all the pumpkins. It’s pretty safe to say that I’m excited for my upcoming trip to the pumpkin patch this year.

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The Fashion

First off, there is so much more to fall fashion than leggings and Ugg’s. In the fall, the opportunities for cute outfits are limitless. I’m obsessed with sweaters! I have so many that I can wear a different one every day of October. I love pairing a big sweater or cardigan with boyfriend jeans and booties. It is such a classic fall look that can never go wrong. The layering is endless, just by putting on a jacket whether that be leather, denim, or military, it makes the outfit look so much better. You can also accessorize with hats and scarves to dress up or down an outfit. There are way more opportunities for a nice outfit in the fall compared to any other season.

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Halloween has always been my favorite holiday ever since I can remember. I grew up watching horror movies and going to Spirit Halloween during the fall and always being so happy while doing it. I start decorating for Halloween way too early because there is no time to waste. I like to appreciate the skeletons, witches, and ghosts for as long as possible. All October long I make sure to make time to watch all the Halloweentown movies on repeat with my sister because it instantly gets me into the spirit. Halloween is such a fun holiday because you get to spend time with your friends, dress up, and embrace everything spooky.

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Overall, I would say I feel most myself during fall because I’m surrounded by everything I love. I can drink all the pumpkin spiced lattes I want, watch endless amounts of horror movies, and enjoy my walks to class because of the comforting autumn breeze throughout the season. Take time to enjoy this amazing season because before you know it, it will be over.

Thanks for reading, V