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James Charles is a talented beauty guru who was CoverGirl’s first male model in 2016. He creates makeup tutorials on Youtube. I personally am a fan of James Charles and have been subscribed to him since 2016. I love how creative he is and how he expresses that through makeup. He is always unapologetically himself and he does what he loves. He inspires me to be more creative with my makeup. The makeup looks he creates aren’t always “everyday looks,” which I love. I love watching his videos because you can tell he puts a lot of hard work and effort into them. On November 2, he revealed his new makeup palette with Morphe. I am so excited for this to come out because it is a palette I personally need. It has so many vibrant colors that I need in my life. With this palette I can create more colorful makeup looks. In his Youtube video he stated that it wasn’t a palette for everyday wear, it’s more for editorial looks. I love editorial looks and the colors in this palette are ones I don’t have.

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One of my favorite looks by James is the “blank canvas” he created at the end of 2017. He stated that the “blank canvas” was 2018, and he was excited to “be able to paint it in any way that I want.” Another favorite makeup look was a sunflower eyeshadow look, which he recreated from one of his subscribers. It was such a pretty, summer editorial look.

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For the campaign for this palette he uses subscribers who have inspired him and close friends for promotion. To me this is very inclusive and gives these talented subscribers exposure. The hashtag he uses for this promotion is #UnleashYourInnerArtist, which suits this palette very well. All the names have a personal meaning and he explains all of it in his Youtube video. This palette is also very versatile because you can create a soft smokey eye to a drag look.


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 This palette releases November 16th and I can’t wait to order it. As a makeup enthusiast I am fangirling.

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