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There are many hidden (and not-so-hidden) places around campus that are totally insta-worthy. Here are the top picks: 


Fell Hall bathroom, first floor

My all-time fav selfie spot is in the Fell Hall bathroom! There is a window with a wide ledge directly across from the mirror that you can sit on for an effortlessly ‘too cool for school’ look. I also love that this placement is around the corner from the door, so there is no awkward, accidental photo-bombs. This prime spot has made me late to class more times than I’d prefer to say…

Photo Credit: @hi_its_tess


The Quad

Three words: Best. Lighting. Ever. If the sun is too harsh, you can duck under a tree, and if you’re wandering at night (but not alone of course, because we are smart) just go by a light pole for an instant spotlight. 

Photo Credit: @happyhoyt

Photo Credit: @nicole_marie_27

Photo Credit: @tguerrero10

The Bridge

Probably the most popular spot for graduation photos on campus, the bridge is a classic ISU staple. Basic as it seems, I’ve seen a lot of different approaches to the Bridge Pic. The only advice–well, warning–I will give for Bridge Pics is STAY OUT OF THE STREET! I have seen people posing in the middle of College Ave. just to catch the Bridge in the background. Make sure you actually get to the graduation alive. 

Photo Credit: @v3llii

Photo Credit: @snovakphotography

‘The Wall’

Uptown is home to a few great selfie spots, but none so celebrated as The Wall. The colors are so vibrant and fun, making it the perfect pick-me-up for your feed.

Photo Credit: @allieenowak

Photo Credit: @s4ella1

Milner Library

When I realized that Milner had full-body mirrors in every bathroom I was SHOOK. The only downer is the “automatic door” signs on the door because it’s right behind the mirror and I find it ugly and distracting in pictures, so make sure you either angle away from it or add Snapchat stickers so we focus on you! I happen to have photo evidence of my initial full-body mirror discovery and I promise I was much more excited than I look…

Bookshelves also make an adorable backdrop for your pics!

Photo Credit: @juliaxcarranza

Reggie Statue

Another classic, the courtyard behind Fell Hall has a very pleasing aesthetic. Surrounded by brick, Reggie stands tall and proud. There is even a large bench, ideal for High School Musical-style celebration jumps!

Photo Credit: @adaleenichols

Photo Credit: @riddellmia

Now, it’s your turn! Go out and try these spots, or find new ones. DM our instagram, @hercampusisu with your pics for a chance to be featured, and thanks to all the beauties featured above!

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