ISU Gals Came to Play & Slay HoCo 2019

Rain or shine, girls of Illinois State University played and served hard this weekend at Homecoming 2019. We caught up with several of them that definitely came to slay with their looks. From athletic to grunge to classic, this year's gameday looks were unmatched. We had so much fun capturing the different styles and personalities!

  1. 1. Denim Babes

    Katie F. dressed up her ISU hoodie with a pair of plaid pants and a denim jacket.

  2. 2. Red and White Beauty

    Serena N. came through dripping with the coolest ISU cropped hoodie and striped pants.

  3. 3. DIY Crop Toppers

    With a personal twist, Mia V. rocked a bleached cropped crewneck.

  4. 4. Grunge Baby

    Chrissa A. gave spirit-wear a whole new vibe with her grunge style.

  5. 5. Cozy Cuties

    'Tis the season for duck boots and beanies, which Grace K. incorporated with her light-washed denim jacket and comfy leggings.

  6. 6. Black on Black Enthusiasts

    Catie S. went for a black denim ensemble with a cute DIY crop top.

  7. 7. Rise and Shiner

    Hhhrise and shiinnee with Emma C., who added a pop of sunshine to her all-black 'fit with her Vans.

  8. 8. Sporty Fashionistas

    Carson H. repped the ISU Redbirds by styling a jersey with a cute bandana hairdo and gold hoops.

  9. 9. Game Timer

    You already know I came ready with my game time jacket even with the rainy weather.

  10. 10. Distressed Denim Fans 

    Who doesn't love a good pair of distressed jeans? Emillie T. definitely made us want to get more pairs.

  11. 11. Redbird Star

    Shining like the stars on her jeans, Sarah K. just gave us the ultimate pants inspo for next gameday.

  12. 12. Cheering Besties

    Poppin' out with her gal pal, Nina M. put together the cutest gameday look.