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Instagram Pages Every College Girl Needs to Follow

Instagram has always been a social media platform to show off your life and what interests you. I find it to be almost like a blog, but with pictures as the main point. Every time I get onto Instagram, I tend to just sit there and scroll or tap through stories and not really digest what I am looking at. Lately though I have gotten into looking at accounts that actually give tips and advice for someone my age and on the path of starting out adulthood. Some of them are more advice based while the others give me a good chuckle, and looking at their daily posts is a great way to start my day. Here are just a few accounts that I believe all college girls should follow:


  1. @theeverygirl. This account is a great account for all women. They have beauty tips, cooking tips, advice for starting your career and everything in between. 

  2. @prgirlmanifesto. MY GO TO ACCOUNT. Although it is public relations based, this page gives fantastic tips for your future career. I look at this account all the time to see what more I could be doing to be successful in my future. 

  3. @thefemalehustlers. If you love quotes that will always pertain to you, this account is perfect. They always post quotes that I need to see at the right times. 

  4. @kelclight. Kelsey is a blogger and she is FANTASTIC. I know there are a lot of similar bloggers, but I almost feel a personal connection with her when I don’t even know her. She has the cutest outfits, best advice and she isn’t afraid to show off flaws in her life, which is something all girls need to see more of. 

  5. @schnitt_talk. This page is all content from ISU alum, Ellie Schnitt (@ellie_schnitt). She has her own podcast and always posts when her latest one is up, but also has posts that give me a good chuckle and nice pick me up. 

  6. @bossbabe.inc. The content on this page gives you great daily advice while also posting tips on furthering your career. The boss babes also have their own podcast that is very similar to Instagram page. 

All of these accounts are the ones I see almost every day on Instagram and if I don’t, I seek them out. They all have great tips and tricks on getting through college and making it further into adulthood, which is something all college girls could use every now and again.

Chloe Lindbom

Illinois State '21

Hey guys! I'm Chloe a Senior here at Illinois State University. I am majoring in Public Relations and looking forward to my future career. Until then I plan to keep drinking iced coffee, keeping up with all the latest reality shows, and writing articles for Her Campus. I can't wait to share my writing and part of my life with y'all. If you want even more of me in your life, follow me on Twitter and Instagram! Twitter - @ChloDae Instagram - @Chlo.Dae
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