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Fall Indie Album Releases You May Have Missed

With fall in full swing, many new holidays, weather changes and fashion changes have already begun to happen. Throughout Halloween, the Pumpkin Spice Latte return, and getting ready for Christmas, you may have not thought about music all too much. Here are some indie albums released this fall that might just have flown over your head. 

Del Water Gap – Del Water Gap 

Del Water Gap is Del Water Gap’s third album, and seemingly his breakout one. Multiple songs from the album are featured on official Spotify playlists, causing him to become more well-known within the indie scene. Originating from Los Angeles, Del Water Gap writes about his struggle to survive as a member of the working class and the ongoing struggle of trying to become a more recognized artist. My personal favorite ones from the album are “Better Than I Know Myself” and “Perfume.” 

22 Break – Oh Wonder 

Oh Wonder is a British married duo who tends to write songs about the raw ups and downs of romance. 22 Break is their fifth album, and although it’s not as popular as their first album, Oh Wonder, it definitely fits the fall vibe, making it more than worth the listen. Personal favorites from the album are “Roller Coaster Baby” and “Dinner.” 

Optimist – Finneas 

Finneas, as many know, is Billie Eilish’s older brother. In fact, he writes all of her songs and barely receives any recognition for it. Finneas’s breakout song was “Let’s Fall in Love for the Night” when it became popular on TikTok. My personal favorites from Optimist are “The Kids Are All Dying” and “Around My Neck.”

Summer’s Over – TV Girl 

TV Girl has been growing in popularity ever since their song “Lover’s Rock” received recognition over quarantine last spring. Now, they’ve just released their eighth album, Summer’s Over. Summer’s Over features fellow indie artist Jordana, who traveled with TV Girl on tour as their opening act. Now, I’m not a dedicated fan of TV Girl, but I do think this album is worth listening to. My top songs on the album are “The Party’s Not Over” and “Lo on the Hi-Way.” 

Flower (In Full Bloom) EP – Luna Li 

Luna Li traveled with Japanese Breakfast on tour and performed as her opening act. I discovered Luna Li through TikTok and found her music super unique due to the interesting combination of instruments she plays: guitar, bass and violin. Flower is Luna Li’s first-ever EP, which gives her audience a taste of what her first album is going to sound like. My personal favorites: “Cherry Pit” and “Afterglow.” 

The Band Camino – The Band Camino 

The Band Camino is an alternative pop group from Tennessee. Their most popular songs from earlier albums include “Less Than I Do” and “2/14.” I gave this new, self-titled album a listen while doing homework, and it’s very similar to the style they’re known for which is an almost boy-band-sounding upbeat pop with a distinct electric guitar in the background. Personal favorites from the album are “Underneath My Skin” and “1 Last Cigarette.”

Overall, all of these are great to listen to while doing fall things, such as carving pumpkins or reading on a cloudy day. Even though all of the albums fall under the indie genre, each is unique and provides a completely different style than the other. Next time you’re in need of some new music, check out this article again!

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