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Indiana Tragedy Can Happen to Anyone

In light of recent events at Indiana University, it is necessary to be informed on how to stay safe around campus.


As a Gamma Phi Beta at ISU, I feel extremely empathetic towards my sisters at Indiana. The loss of one, regardless how far away, affects us all. What happened to Hannah could happen to anyone. It is human nature to think that we are all invincible; we hear stories at different schools, similar to Hannah’s story and think “this could ever happen to me,” but it can. It is in times like these that we realize that we are not untouchable. We need to come together as a community and make sure that something tragic like this does not happen on our campus. Remember to:

·      Use the buddy system. ALWAYS make sure that you go home with a friend and do not travel around campus alone.

·      If you find yourself alone, try finding one of the blue lights around campus, which have the emergency button. Press the button and help will come as soon as possible.

·      Call a friend! Not everyone goes out every night; try calling friends to come get you if you feel unsafe.

·      If you notice a friend has drank too much, don’t be afraid to cut them off. If they need to be sent home, GO WITH THEM.

·      NEVER drink and drive.

·      Carry pepper spray! They are easily accessible on Amazon.


There are many safety tips that can be told, but one thing to always remember is use your common sense. If you are feeling unsafe, take action. The smallest gesture can go the longest way. Walk a friend home and make sure they get in okay. Walk in groups and never leave someone alone. You may think walking down Willow Street to get to your apartment is a quick walk, but anything can happen. Too many times have we seen college students lose their lives due to being sent home alone, or not taking proper safety precautions. 


As an ISU student I have, admittedly, walked home alone before. I have always felt safe walking home, but that will now come to an end. It is essential to our safety to never be alone on campus at night. Regardless how much alcohol has been consumed, please be safe and make the smart decision to never be alone.


To our fallen angel Hannah, our hearts are filled with sadness for this loss. The Indiana community is doing everything they can to make sure your story is known, and remembering the beautiful person you are. To my fellow ISU students, do not forget what can happen, and keep a watchful eye out on your friends here. The last thing anyone wants is another tragedy.


Rest in paradise Hannah Wilson, and may your memory forever live on. 

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Gaby Kaplan

Illinois State

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