Inanimate Objects That Are Your Best Friends In College

When you’re in college, they say you meet your best friends, your future brides maids, and all of that. But… no one ever tells you that your best friends don’t necessarily have to be people.  You might think I’m crazy, and although these 6 inanimate objects haven’t carried me home on the weekends, they’ve came pretty close and saved my life a time or two.


1. Quarters

Finding quarters is like finding gold. Parking meters don’t pay themselves, and the $20 tickets definitely don’t either. So, finding a quarter means that you can park in the same spot for 15 minutes and not have to constantly worry about that bright orange ticket on your windshield.


2. Dry Shampoo

Let’s face it. Since you’ve been in college, dry shampoo has saved your life at least once. Thankfully for this creation, we don’t always have to look like we got 30 minutes of sleep last night and kind of look half way decent.


3. Planners

I can’t even remember what I ate for dinner last night. How do teachers expect us to remember a quiz due at 8 a.m. in two weeks with no reminder?! That’s where your planner comes into play. Write down EVERYTHING as soon as you hear the due date.


4. Gift Cards

We’re all broke; when we have a gift card, we don’t have to feel like it. Nothing is better than getting Chipotle and not having to spend any cash. Better yet, nothing is better than getting that cute top at the mall with one swipe of a card then looking at your account and nothing has changed because you used a gift card!


5. Coffee

All nighters are inevitable in college. So, what keeps you going? Coffee. Always. In fact, I don’t need it for all nighters anymore. I need it 24/7 because I’m pretty sure if I laid my head down for too long in class, I would fall asleep.



6. Headphones

Alone time is scarce; living with 40 girls the rarity is slim to none. So, when you’re in a room full of people and just need a second to yourself, what do you do?! You pop in your headphones and listen to your favorite playlist. And when someone tries to interrupt that, just act like you can’t hear them.