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Illinois State University’s Poise Dance Team

It’s that time of the year again!


Poise Dance Team, one of the many Registered Student Organizations on Illinois State University’s campus, is hosting their Spring semester Showcase!

The team is more than excited to perform what they have been working so hard on this past semester and shared with me some of their thoughts about the team, what they will miss the most, and what we have to look forward to this coming weekend at their showcase.


So first I’d like to introduce you to Katie Roth! Katie is a freshman and is majoring in Nursing. She has been apart of the jazz and lyrical team this past year. This semester she choreographed her first small group dance, which is a lyrical routine to “Praying” by Kesha.


Her Campus ISU: What are your favorite dances that are being performed this semester at the Spring Showcase and why?

KR: It’s really hard to just pick one favorite dance. Every single dance that is being performed this semester is equally as exciting and special. With that being said, I’d have to say one of my favorite dances is a jazz piece to “Crazy=Genius” by Panic! at the Disco, which is choreographed by Jessie Flack. I can’t help but smile the entire time and I’m sure everyone who goes to the showcase will have the same smile on their faces. Another dance that is one of my favorites is the lyrical piece I choreographed to “Praying” by Kesha. Although it is a deep and serious dance, it is able to capture so much emotion. We all have had struggles to overcome and people who have put us down, so this dance is about facing all of that and looking forward to a fresh start.


I then had the pleasure of talking with Susan Childers. Susan is also a freshman and is majoring in Therapeutic Recreation. She was on both the hip-hop and lyrical team for her first year at Illinois State.


HC ISU: What might you tell someone who is interested in joining an RSO (Registered Student Organization) at Illinois State, especially Poise Dance Team?

SC: Joining an RSO is a great way to meet new people and make the school year more enjoyable for students. For me, it has served as an outlet to get my mind off of other things outside of the team. While I have been on this dance team, I have strengthened my skills, made lifelong friends and created amazing memories, all while doing something I really love. Poise Dance Team was what made my freshman year so gratifying and I will forever be grateful for that!


Next we have Jessie Flack. Jessie is a sophomore and is majoring in Accounting. This year she took on her first leadership role as the Fundraising Chair. While being an active member on both teams the past two years, she plans to continue being an active member in the upcoming school year.


HC ISU: What are you looking forward to most about this semester’s showcase? What makes it different from previous showcases?

JF: I am looking forward to showcasing my jazz routine to Panic! At the Disco’s “Crazy=Genius,” as well as our opening routine that was choreographed by myself and Carris Fischer to “Dancing with a Wolf” by All Time Low. What makes this showcase different from others is that the second semester showcase is very bittersweet! It is fun to see all of the senior solos, duets and small groups, but it is so sad to see the seniors go. Being able to send the seniors off to the next chapter of their lives as a team is my favorite thing about our Spring Showcase. I think that this show will be our best one yet and you should definitely come see us to find out why!


I then spoke with Genielynn Palacios. Genie is a junior and is majoring in Organizational Leadership and Marketing. She has been a member of Poise Dance Team’s hip-hop team for two and a half years. During that time she has also previously been the Costuming Chair on the Exec Board and has choreographed one full group hip-hop routine, as well as her own small group.


HC ISU: From your time on the team, what life lessons has Poise taught you?

GP: I think the biggest life lesson Poise has taught me is to “just go for it.” I came to college, only planning on joining an intramural volleyball team, and Poise tryouts were early in the semester. So, I figured, “Hey, I like dancing I might as well utilize my time until intramurals start!” Little did I know that I would fall in love with the atmosphere of performing on stage and being on a team! Had I not made the decision to “just go for it” and try out for the team, I don’t think I would have found a better place to start off my college career.


Next, we have Sam Byrne! Sam is a junior and is majoring in Medical Lab Science. Unfortunately, this will be Sam’s last semester on Poise Dance Team since she will be leaving campus to complete her clinical rotations next year. Sam has been on PDT for three years and has served as the team’s Costuming Chair this past year. It is very bittersweet, but she is very excited to share the stage with Poise for her last show with the team.


HC ISU: So I heard that you choreographed a lyrical piece to “Warrior” by Demi Lovato. Given that this is more of an emotional song, what inspired you to choreograph to this song or what message are you wanting to convey?

SB: This was my first time choreographing a big group, lyrical piece like this so I wanted it to be exceptionally meaningful. To me, the song is about acknowledging the hardships you have gone through and letting those experiences motivate you to become a stronger person. The interesting thing about this piece is that it can mean anything. Whatever that dancer might be struggling with, whether it is self doubt, an abusive relationship, mental illness, you name it! I want the dancers to use this piece to try and let go of what is troubling them and find freedom and strength through this dance. I can’t think of a better message to spread with my final dance on the team.


I also had the chance to talk with Isabella Raymundo! Isabella, otherwise known as Izzy, is a senior and is double-majoring in Psychology and Pre-Veterinary medicine. She’s been on Poise’s hip-hop team for three years now. Including this semester, she will have choreographed 2 small groups for the team.

HC ISU: As a senior, what are some of the things that you’ll miss about being a member on Poise Dance Team?

IR: Poise has always been my family away from home and that is what I’ll miss the most. There’s never been any animosity towards each other; it’s only ever been love whether it be a new member or a seasoned member like myself, without fail we can go up to any one of our teammates and ask for help, a hug, advice or just someone to listen to us. Poise is the only team I’ve ever come across that feels like a family through and through, and I doubt that I could find that any place else.


And last but not least, I also talked with Jasmine Renfro. Jasmine is a junior and is majoring in Social Work. She has been a member on Poise Dance Team’s hip-hop team for the past three semesters. Although she’s not returning to Poise for her senior year, she wishes the team the best of luck in the years to follow!


HC ISU: What are some of the things you love about being on the hip-hop team?

JR: Hip-Hop has always been my favorite style of dance. I honestly have loved the dances that have been choreographed for it since I’ve joined the team last Spring. My favorite part of being on the hip-hop team are the cool tricks and dance moves the choreographers come up with. Not to mention my fellow team members are FIERCE! I’d have to say that my all-time favorite hip-hop routine I’ve ever been apart of is, “Imma Let You Finish (Kanye vs. Taylor)” that was choreographed by Carris Fischer. It is a Kanye vs. Taylor Swift battle and is one we are actually performing on Sunday! 


There you have it! Be sure to come and catch these incredible women and the rest of Poise Dance Team this Sunday, April 29th in Braden Auditorium from 2:00-4:00 P.M. Doors will open around 1:30 and tickets will be sold at the door. They are $3 with a student ID, $5 general admission, and children 2 and under are free.

Hope to see you all there!

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