Hulu TV Shows to Watch Now

Have you ever been at home on Friday or Saturday looking for something to watch on Hulu, but couldn’t find anything? This is the most annoying thing and is bound to happen to everyone! Below I have listed 5 tv shows that you can watch on Hulu to avoid this problem.

  1. “The Act”

This is a new show recently added to Hulu. This show is about a girl named Gypsy and her mom named Dee Dee. Gypsy has a bunch of different things wrong with her but notices over time that she might not have those certain diseases. Gypsy then meets this guy and they plan revenge on her mom for doing certain things to her.

  1. “Grownish”                                        via: google

This is a great show for young adults to watch! “Grownish” is about a girl named Zoey and she starts her freshman year of college. It goes through how she handles her school work, relationships and friendships. It’s a very relatable and funny show to watch. It’s also a spinoff from the show “Blackish” on Hulu.

  1. “This is Us”                                       via: google

This show is about 3 grown siblings and all the challenges each of them go through in their life. The show flashes back from when they were young with their parents and to the present. It gives you a glimpse of how they grew up and why they act the way they do.

  1. “Manifest”                                       via: google

“Manifest” is one of the craziest shows! It’s about a family who goes on a vacation to an island and when they get to the airport to go home, some of the family members decide to get on an earlier flight home. The ones who got on the normal flight thought it was just a normal 3 hour flight, but when they landed authorities told them they had been missing for 8 years! Once they got off the plane, a bunch of strange things started happening to them. It’s a great suspensful show to watch.

  1. “Good Girls”                                    via: google

If you’re looking for a funny yet suspenseful show to watch, this is it! “Good Girls” is about three different moms who all live completely different lives. They decide to rob a grocery store because they all need money. After that their lives are forever changed from that one decision.

                                                                    via: google

This is a list of just some of the good Hulu tv shows. There are so many more! Hopefully now instead of just browsing through the tv show section you can find a good show to watch!

Kai Johnson