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The people in my life know me as the makeup passionata, and with that comes the subcategory of “the girl who never shuts up about Ulta.” 

I promise none of my posts have ever been sponsored by Ulta Beauty, although if they were willing, I’d totally agree to it (just saying). I prefer to shop for my beauty products at Ulta over other beauty retailers for many reasons, but the reason that stands out to me the most is the fact that they have an unbeatable customer rewards system. Let me explain how it works.

It is free to join the Ultamate Rewards program, all you need to do is give the Ulta employee your name, birthday, phone number and email at checkout. From then on, you earn one point for every one dollar spent. The membership has three tiers, ranging from regular Ultamate Rewards members, which is what I just described, to platinum, to diamond. To qualify for platinum membership, you need to spend $500 at Ulta Beauty in one calendar year. Once you hit that, you will earn 1.25 points for every dollar spent at Ulta. To hit diamond, you will need to spend $1200 within one calendar year, and with that, you will earn 1.5 points for every dollar spent. 

Not to mention, there are other perks and benefits a customer gets once they climb the member threshold, but that isn’t the focus of my article today. My friends, I am celebrating the fact that I have officially hit diamond status for the year 2022, which will be my fourth consecutive year being a diamond member at Ulta beauty. Once I hit diamond each year, that is when I let myself use the points I have worked so hard to earn throughout the year shopping at Ulta Beauty. 

This is where the fun begins. I had $1,520 in points when I hit diamond status for 2022, which at Ulta, means that I am allowed to use that money towards purchases in-store. To be put in simpler terms, it means that I could pick out $1,520 worth of any products that Ulta sells and get them in exchange for my points, meaning I will have spent none of my own money on those products. 

Since $1,520 is a lot of money to spend on products at one time, I obviously did not spend that much during this shopping trip, but I did indulge a bit. I ended up using $58 worth of points in this haul, which still leaves me with a lot of points leftover, which I will be saving for later.

I’m sure you are wondering what I picked up for myself. Let’s get into the most fun part of the article, where I tell you about that.

No. 1: NYX suede matte lip liner in Cold Brew ($4)

I was wanting a nice dark brown lip for the fall time, and I love the NYX lip liner formula, so I decided to pick this one up. The quality is great, and you can’t beat the price. There are tons of other shades in this range as well.

No. 2: Milani Color fetish matte lipstick in Sensual ($8.99)

To go with the NYX lip pencil, this lipstick from Milani looked absolutely stunning. I’ve never tried their lipsticks and I cannot wait to give this one a go!

No. 3: Real Techniques x Victoria Lyn Extra AF Eye Kit ($19.99)

Real Techniques has excellent makeup brushes, and this eye brush set intrigued me because it comes with six brushes and a brush cleaner, all for around $20.

No. 4: Kiss Lash Couture matte black faux mink, Matte Velvet ($7.99)

I picked up two more pairs of my favorite style of false eyelashes by Kiss. These are in the style “matte velvet” and the way they fit my eye and go with any eyeshadow look I decide to create is unlike any other.

No. 5: Good Molecules BHA Clarify Gel Cream ($10.00)

I ran out of my initial tube of the Good Molecules BHA Gel Cream and I had to repurchase it because it helps the redness in my skin when I am breaking out, without drying out my skin. I am happy to have another tube on hand.

No. 6: Australian Gold Botanical tinted face sunscreen SPF 50 ($15.99)

Sunscreen is the most important part of a skincare routine, so of course, I had to restock my stash. I haven’t tried this sunscreen in particular yet, but I am excited to do so as it is a mineral sunscreen with a slight tint.

There are all the goodies I decided to treat myself to in honor of hitting the diamond threshold for the fourth year in a row! They say I’m addicted to all things beauty, and I agree. At the end of the day, it makes me happy, so I will continue to shop at Ulta Beauty and share my knowledge and findings with everyone here. I hope reading about my purchases was enjoyable, and I will be back soon with more!

Savannah Kallan

Illinois State '24

My name is Savannah Kallan, I am an English major who is passionate about words and poetry, but outside of academia, I have a lot for all things beauty! I love reviewing cool new products on the market, and doing everything in my power to push my boundaries and grow myself day by day.