How to Have the Perfect Fall Photoshoot

Want your feed to look aesthetically pleasing for fall with some cute photos of you and your friends? Here’s how to have the perfect fall photoshoot in five simple steps!

  1. Get your squad together!

Haven’t seen your friends in a while because you have been so busy with school? Perfect time to get everyone together to just hang out while getting perfect photos for the ‘gram. Set up a big group chat with all your friends and suggest you guys take some photos together and hang out. Great bonding time!

Chloe Lindbom, Caitlin Eichhorn, Raniyah Naylor, Allie Nowak, and Vanesa Radenkovic via @hercampusisu

  1. Make sure to dress for the season.

You can’t have any great fall photoshoot without proper attire. Put together an outfit with anything from your favorite boots, chucky sweater, or plaid shirt. Also, don’t forget to dress warm if it is going to be chilly.

Mia Riddell via @hercampusisu

  1. Scope out some photogenic places.

Look for local places you know will be decorated for fall or already incorporate fall colors. This can be anywhere from your local pumpkin patch to cute boutiques downtown. The better options are places where you can easily take photos for free.

Our lovely photographer, Jessica Hogeboom via @hercampusisu

  1. Choose your location and go out on a sunny day.

Select your location and inform the whole squad of time and place. You wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on prime photo taking opportunities. Make sure before you decide on the day to go check the weather for good conditions. Go when it is sunny, but not too sunny, for nice lighting in all your photos.

Our Seniors, Tessa Konzal, Celina Aquino, Ashley Painter, Mia Riddell, Irena Karopulos, and Chrissa Apostolo via @hercampusisu

  1. Have fun with your friends and take some cute pics!

Once everyone has arrived at your location get to taking those feed worthy photos. Make sure to have your phone fully charged so it doesn’t die while you are trying to look good for the camera. Speaking of a camera, if you fancy, you can bring a nice professional camera for even sharper photos. Have fun taking photos with your friends and don’t be afraid to ask people to take your photo (group or otherwise) and get silly. 

Group Photo via @hercampusisu

The girls of Her Campus ISU and I recently did a fun photoshoot at out local pumpkin patch. We posted all about it across all of our accounts. If you want to stay updated on all our adventures make sure to go check out our group Instagram @hercampusisu


Much love and peace