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How to Enjoy the Fall Season Safely this Year

I’ve always been a believer in the fact the fall is the best season by far. Maybe it’s the crisp air or holidays approaching, but fall has always reminded me of fresh starts and new beginnings. This time of year brings me immense joy for many reasons, the weather, the fashion, and of course, Halloween. It’s a shame that the fall festivities will look a little different this year, but really any situation is what you make of it, and with that said, I wanted to share some of my ideas on how you can still celebrate the best time of year during a pandemic. 

Bake Fall Treats

As an avid pumpkin spice connoisseur, there is nothing I love more than any food or drink product pumpkin spiced flavor. In fact, I love pumpkin spice so much that the worker at my Dunkin back home let me know the day they had it back in stock. Making your own pumpkin spice, fall treats with a couple of friends at home is a simple, yet festive way of enjoying the season. I have always associated the cooler months with warm baked goods, therefore I plan on baking pumpkin seeds with my roommates in addition to any other sweet treats we end up craving.


Have a Horror Movie Marathon

During this pandemic, something I have missed more than anything is movie theatres. I loved the entire experience; going out with a bunch of friends, large popcorn in hand, while being immersed in the film playing on the big screen. However, even with that not being an option this year, you can still have a theatrical experience in the comfort of your own home. Horror movies always get me in the spirit, my favorite movie of all time is Halloween (1978), and a must-watch every year. Pick a flick, pop some corn, and have a cozy, spooky time with your friends. 

Make Jack-O-Lanterns

Another fun and safe way to enjoy fall this year is carving pumpkins. Head to your local grocery store or pumpkin patch (while wearing a mask, of course) pick out a pumpkin carving kit, and get to work. This is a great activity to do during this time because it’s something you can do in the safety of your home while preparing for the holidays. I love having jack-o-lanterns outside my house because they are symbolic of the holiday and a great way to keep up with historical tradition. You can even have a pumpkin carving contest if you want to add some competition to the mix, but ultimately this is a great activity that I feel like anyone would want to partake in. 

Dress Up

While I highly discourage going to any type of party during this time, there’s is no harm in still dressing up on Halloween! While you may not feel there is a reason for this year, I think the easiest way to feel a sense of normalcy on the holiday is by still wearing a cute or spooky costume. Have a small number of people over, dress up and take some pictures, because, let’s face it, there’s not much else to do to celebrate this year. Have a scary movie playing, and enjoy the day only with the company you feel comfortable around. 

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Don’t Forget To Decorate

This year more than ever before, I found significance in decorating since I spend the majority of my time at home now. I started decorating in August, but that’s just because when it comes to Halloween I can become a little obsessive. I have put skeletons all around my house and every day my roommates find another one they haven’t seen yet. Being surrounded by fall decor makes me so genuinely happy, and I believe we need to do more of what makes us happy because life is too short to be ashamed of what brings us joy. Since, I barely leave my house, having fall and Halloween decor everywhere makes me truly prepared for the season and it just feels right.

Fall will be over before you know it, so it’s crucial to find safe ways to celebrate before it’s too late. I hope this gave you some ideas and you have an unforgettable spooky season this year, but if not I think 2020 will be hard to forget anyway.


Thanks for reading, V

Hi, I'm Vanesa! I am currently a Communication major at Illinois State University. I'm so thrilled to be a part of the HerCampus team because writing has always been a huge passion for me and now I have an opportunity to showcase that and grow as a writer. Besides writing, I love horror movies, dramatic tv shows, and iced coffee. I hope you enjoy my articles as much as I enjoy writing them so stay tuned for more! xoxo, V
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