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How to Cozy Up Your Living Space This Winter

As we all know, winter is quickly approaching, and soon we will all be hanging out inside for reasons other than the current pandemic.  With this impending weather, now is the best time to spruce up your space!  In this article, you will find a few ideas of how to create the coziest room around. 

Warm Lighting

Lighting defines a space.  Adding something as simple as a string of fairy lights, or a himilayan salt lamp can instantly give any room a cozier vibe. https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/ and https://us.shein.com/ are great places to find inexpensive lighting options online. 

Fluff, Plush, and Sherpa… Oh My!
Soft gray blanket
Original photo by Nastassja Ott

Whether it’s pillows, blankets, rugs, plushies, or a combination of all four… soft items are key!  Adding a new throw blanket or a fluffy pillow (or five, we don’t judge) to any room will result in maximum coziness.  Playing around with mixed textures between items is also a fun way to make your space more interesting.  https://www.fivebelow.com/ has a great selection of all things fuzzy for only five dollars!  

Candles and Wax Melts

Scent is heavily linked to relaxation, so using candles or wax melts is a great way to make a space more relaxing and inviting.  https://www.bubble-and-geek.com/ is a fantastic handmade, small-busniess option for candles and wax melts. Their products are themed after movies, shows, and pop culture, so there is something for every interest and every nose! 


Even if it is cold and dreary outside, you can still keep a bit of green in your life with a houseplant.  Any succulents are great first-time houseplant options, but a christmas cactus is a perfect choice for this time of year!  As told by the name, their blooms come out around the holiday season.  https://www.amazon.com/ and https://www.menards.com/ are great places to find the supplies if you’re looking to become a plant parent!

Color Me Cozy

Paying attention to the colors you’re using in your decor can help determine how you feel.  Not only do colors have an effect on the aesthetic of a room, but they are also linked to psychological effects on mood.  Try using warm neutrals and dark greens to infuse your space with thoughts of coziness, balance, and relaxation.  

Winter weather can be intimidating, but making your space your own will have you wanting a night in.  You’ll be saying “let it snow,” so you can stay inside, grab a hot drink, and cuddle up to a Christmas movie Netflix binge!

Madison Crull

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