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How To Achieve Insta Worthy Wall Decor

No room is complete without some cute wall art! Bare walls can make a room feel cold and depressing. So, I am going to give you some tips on how to make sure your walls are “insta worthy” on a budget!

1.)  My most favorite thing to do is check out the app “we heart it” and look for some aesthetically pleasing pictures. These pictures should reflect your personality or the look that you are trying to go for in your room! Just download the app and in the search bar look up pictures of your certain room theme (i.e. if you are going for a beach theme room, you might look up “ocean pics”). Then, you can print them out at any photo center as 4×4’s for cheap!

2.)  Another thing I have really been into is adding vinyls as wall art. Goodwill and Savers are great places to find cheap vinyls that also give a vintage feel! You can even take the actual vinyl disc out and decorate it as well.

3.)  Hanging plants add a natural vibe to any room! You can find cute little succulents and hang them or take fake ivy from a store and wrap it around the ceiling of your room. Or even have it hang down like in the picture!

4.)  If you love butterflies like me, Amazon has many options for 3d wall stickers. These little butterflies are inexpensive and great to add anywhere in your wall that may look too bare!

5.)  Lastly, adding a center or focal piece of art above your bed makes for the perfect finishing touch. This can be a painting, drawing, or a tapestry of your liking. Since it is hanging above your bed, this should be something that you think deserves the most attention.

Since most of these pieces will be hanging on walls, it is also important not to ruin the walls when hanging them up. However, you want to make sure they stay up! Command strips work great for hanging anything up without later leaving a mark on the wall. I also recommend buying strong double-sided tape off of Amazon, especially for the pictures. With all of these recommendations and adding your own personal taste, your blank walls will be picture perfect in no time!


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