Highlights and Feels About Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale

Spoilers Ahead! Don’t read if you didnt watch last night’s episode!!

So many main characters in Kings Landing this  isn’t making me anxious at all.

Everyone waiting around for Cersi to show up is so uncomfortable like please walk faster you live right next door.

Daenerys shows up on a dragon…no way…shocking.

Finally something can actually scare Cersi we know she’s got a little heart somewhere and that white walker scared the carp out of it.

Bye Euron!

Jon Snow learn how to read the vibe in a room because that was terrible timing to bend the knee.

Tyrion and all his wisdom can basically make anyone do anything, including Cersi help other people. #teamtyrionforever

Abrupt cut to WinterFell and Sansa is getting played by Lord Baelish what else is new.

Cut to Dragon Stone and Jora is not happy Daenerys and Jon are going to be alone on a boat together.

That conversation between Jon and Theon was very heartfelt but in my opinion Theon is not even a little bit Stark he’s full Greyjoy.

Thank goodness Ramsey cut of Theon’s “favorite toy” or else he for sure would have lost that fight and would be sailing to get Yara (who’s probably dead)

Cut to Winterfell and Sansa is about to mess with Arya?! Like do you want do die she’s an assassin!!

“You stand convicted of murder and treason how do you plead… Lord Baelish” DAMN GO SANSA FINALLY!

Ayra wasted no time at all killing him, looks like she’s got another face to try out.

Cut to Kings Landing where Cersi reveals that she’s betraying everyone with not the best plan, but hey she’s evil so what can you do.

If you weren’t worried about Jamie dying right there you’re lying that was so nerve wrecking I’m still shaking.

Cersi doesn’t deserve Jamie.

Cut to Winterfell and Samwell Tarly is finally back.

Bran: I’m the Three Eyed Raven now. Sam: Oh.. that’s nice.

Bran and Sam piecing together that Jon is a Targaryen and a Stark and Jon is also Daenerys’s nephew, and Jon now has a new name (Aegon Targaryen), and Jon is also the rightful heir to the iron thrown. This is all being narrated of Jon and Daenerys finally banging… just wow what a scene.

Cut to East Watch of the Wall where basically a frozen hell breaks loose.

The night king now has a dragon that breathes BLUE FIRE?!

The wall comes down… the white walkers come through…and now we wait 2 years to figure out what happens next…great!