Healthy Snacks For Every On The Go College Student

As college students it can be easy to skip breakfast in the morning because let’s be honest, sleep always comes first. However, it is essential to fuel your body throughout the day so we can maintain focus during our busy schedules. I listed a few snack ideas that will get you by when you need something quick on the way to class.


Naked Juice


This a perfect option for something quick in the morning. It provides vitamins and nutrients as well plenty of fruits and vegetables. I love drinking these on my way to class in the morning because they fill me up for a few hours and give me energy in the morning to pay attention in class. They also have several different flavors so you are bound to find one you like! Personally I love mighty mango and strawberry banana.

Special K Granola Bars


Yes, I know this seems very specific but these are just so good that I couldn’t just say granola bars. A lot of granola bars are very plain and lackluster, but the Special K brand of granola bars are so tasty and perfect to eat in class because they aren't messy and wont make any obnoxious noises while you bite into them compared to if you were eating potato chips in class.

Skinny Pop Popcorn


I think everyone can agree that popcorn is an overall favorite snack food among many, however some brands of popcorn aren’t necessarily the healthiest. Skinny Pop is very light and low in calories so it’s a great alternative for chips while still satisfying your taste buds.

Trail Mix


There are so many different types of trail mix out there that are accommodating to everybody's snacking preferences. Trail mix is a simple snack to eat throughout the day when you need a little something when you can’t wait for your next meal. I love the trail mix that has dried fruit and and nuts because it incorporates both sweet and salty flavors.

Veggie Straws


These are the bomb when you want to snack on something crunchy. They are very flavorful and of course a healthy alternative. They don’t even really taste like your eating something vegetable flavored which is a huge plus.


Hopefully after reading this you have a few ideas on what to add to your grocery list and can try some of these healthy snacks on your way class or even when you don’t have time to head to the dining hall which happens more than you would think.


Thanks for reading, V