Healthy Choices at Your Local Fast Food Restaurant

Sometimes life becomes too hectic to make meals on your own, so fast food comes in clutch during this desperate time of need. Obviously it is cheap, filling, and easily accessible. Even nutritionists can verify that it is acceptable to eat out, as long as you are smart about what foods you order. Most of the food prepared can be loaded with many calories, high sodium and fat, so finding the best well-balanced meal is super important. There are always choices you can make that are good for you in these restaurants, it is just a matter of figuring out which foods are the healthiest for you. Keeping yourself full for the whole day while not gaining a significant amount of weight can be a challenge, but luckily these fast food choices will hit the spot and fulfill all of your healthy cravings. 

Dunkin' Donuts — Egg-White Veggie Flatbread (280 calories)

via Dunkin's website

Start your morning off in the best way, by picking up this delish egg white veggie sandwich, along with your favorite DD coffee if you choose. You'll be stuffed until lunch!

StarbucksRoasted Tomato and Mozzarella Panini (350 Calories)

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One of the best paninis at Starbucks, no in general, has to be this roasted tomato and mozzarella one. Savory with every bite you take, and definitely pairs well with a sweet iced tea!

Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl (460 calories)

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Any fast food chain that lets you create your own nutritional meal is great, and the filling chicken burrito bowl hits every single one of your taste buds.

Culver's Garden Fresco Salad (405 calories)

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This is not just any ordinary salad, this amazing Garden fresco salad has pieces of grilled chicken and other veggies drizzled with raspberry vinaigrette dressing... YUM!

Pizza Hut — Garden Party Thin-Crust Pizza (460 calories)

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Talk about a party pizza, Pizza Hut sure has topped this pizza with all of the hearty veggies and less fattening ingredients. You'll never want to eat a regular pizza again.

Don't ditch your guilty pleasures just yet, use this guide to lead you to healthy alternatives for those burgers you're wanting!