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High waisted bottoms are my favorite kind of bottoms. I don’t care if they are shorts, jeans, or just pants – I love them. I fell in love with high waisted pants on accident. I went to the mall one weekend to shop at a sale Hollister was having. I love Hollister’s bottoms, because they make an inseam that fits my short legs! However, their pants can fall more on the pricey side of the spectrum, which is why I was shopping during the sale. I ended up grabbing a pair of high waisted jeans on accident, which turned into one of my best accidents. I asked a few of the other HC girls that share my opinion of why high waisted bottoms are the best:


  • “Everyone’s bodies are beautiful – let me say that first and foremost. I love my body and I am comfortable in my own skin. However, I am human. I bloat very easily, whether I am on my period or after I eat a meal. High waisted pants help my tackle my bloating by casually covering up my stomach! I love wearing high waisted bottoms so much that when I wear normal cut, I feel weird!” – Myself (more articles at: http://www.hercampus.com/author/renata-serpico)


  • “They are legit amazing! I think they do slim you down a bit when you wear them because the button so high. Also, because they’re actually really versatile you can wear a crop top or a normal shirt just tucked in, which is my personal favorite. They are great and everyone should wear them!” – Sam, our recommendation queen.

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  • “They’re ten times more comfortable than normal shorts and I feel much more put together and appropriate in them!” – Ashleigh, our social media director.

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  • “They (personally) make my waist a bit slimmer, so they can be really flattering with some shirts. They also kind of make me look like I have a butt.” – Carris, our fearless writer.

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  • “These bottoms make my legs look instantly longer – and at 5’2″, every little bit of height counts!” – Dania, our future journalist.

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  • “High waisted pants looks super cute with crop tops. I never have to worry about my butt hanging out, and all overall they are just really comfortable!” – Karys, one of our newer writers.

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  • “High waisted shorts are great because they make it look like you’re wearing longer shorts and not daisy dukes!” – Sidney, our fashionista.

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  • “I just really enjoy them. They make anyone look even more sexier than they already are.” – Mallory, our part time editor and full time editor-in-chief.

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  • Finally, the shortest and sweetest response of all the Her Campus ladies, our other editor and chief Katie says, “THEY’RE COMFORTABLE!” Agreed Katie, agreed.

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