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Everyone hate’s early morning classes – especially the brutal 8 a.m’s. But, nothing’s worse than waking up late for class. You roll over in bed, take a quick glance at the clock then freak out once you realize you’re supposed to be across campus and in class in less than ten minutes. You’re already in a hurry, then look in the mirror and your hairs a mess. You have no time to fix it up – so what do you do?  


Waking up late is already stressful enough within itself, but things just seems to keep adding up once you can’t get your hair to look somewhat decent for the day. You have no time to straighten it, or put any heat on it. So what now?  

Well, here are a few super easy hair styles that can fix any bad hair day in a matter of minutes. Forget the heat and forget freaking out when you wake up too late. These quick fixes can tame any type of hair.  


1. French braids 

We don’t know why or how, but somehow these braids have become a hit again. This is a super cute look and can be done in a matter of minutes if you’re on a time crunch. It’s definitely in style and people will think you actually woke up on time to do your hair!  

2. One braid 

Sometimes french braids aren’t as easy as it looks. If you’re struggling with that, just do a classic braid in the back and pull out a few pieces out in the front to make it a little messy and a lot cuter. This is definitely a go-to when you don’t have time to pull out that straightener.  

3. Messy Bun 

Hair buns are a lifesaver. If you mess around with your bun enough, you can definitely accomplish a super cute messy bun. It may take a few minutes to get the perfect look, but in the end, it’ll save you a ton of time.  

4. Hats

Hats are honestly a life saver. There’s nothing wrong with putting on a baseball cap and calling it a day. Hats can go from sporty, cute or casual and saves you the stress of figuring out what to do with that hair. Floppy hats are also always a go to, especially in the summer! 

5. Top Knot 

Flat hair is almost as bad as having bed head. A perfect way to add some volume to your hair without applying any heat and taking up a lot of time is throwing a top knot, or half up half down bun. This is a look that’s definitely in right now and can work on any hair type.  

Pony tails can be a quick fix to any bad hair day, but try something a little different next time you’re in a hurry! Sometimes a cute hair do is all you need to have a good day. HCXO. 






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