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Group Costume Ideas

Halloween is quickly approaching, and it is now time to put your costumes together! Group costumes are the best way to get in the Halloween mood with your besties. It is way more fun to explore your creativity in a well-thought-out group costume, strutting in with your besties wherever the night takes you! Here are a few group costumes my friends and I have done in the past!


Three Blind Mice

This costume is SO fun. It is goofy yet clever all at the same time. All you need to achieve this are sunglasses, a cane and mouse ears! Pair these items with a little black dress and heels, and you are all set! Stockings are optional – we were extra that night and went all out. Don’t forget to create a little mouse nose with paint or black eyeliner!



Talk about the simplest costume to put together. We all have way too much black clothing in our wardrobe, so this costume requires little to buy. All you need is a hot all-black outfit and fake blood! For your makeup, a true red lipstick and dark eye will be perfect to achieve that vampy look. Best way to apply the blood is to put the bottle in the corner of your mouth, and when you squeeze it out, lean back so it falls directly down! This costume is super fun, easy and spooky for Halloween!


Bubble Gum Machines

This costume I did not do myself, but my friends did! It is a fun and flirty costume that will leave people loving your creativity. First, buy a bra or crop top (preferably a cheap one because you will be gluing things onto it) and then puff balls from Hobby Lobby. This costume requires a hot glue gun, so make sure you have one available! Simply glue the cotton balls on the entire front surface of the bra. To complete the look, you will need a red skirt, white stockings and some Keds! If you are extra, definitely get some candy – you are a bubble gum machine, so it is only fitting. For hair and makeup, it is best to do a high pony and colorful, candy colored makeup! These girls had girls asking to borrow the costume left and right after they wore it! Definitely a hit!



This costume was a blast. You can really get creative with this one, and my friends and I did it in our own way so it was so fun to put together. For the clothing aspect, you can do really whatever you want as long as it involves black and leather! I found these sparkly bras at Ragstock and instantly thought, “YUP.” We paired the bra with black shorts and fishnets. We purposely pulled up the fishnets to make them high-waisted for a layered look. For shoes, combat boots are perfect and most comfortable. As for our makeup, we used paint and eyeliner. My friends did the classic KISS star, and I went full-out Gene Simmons. Thank goodness I have a sorority sister who happens to be an artist (shout out to Alyse for painting my face!) Black or red lipstick is optional if you want to go all out. If it is cold that night, grab a leather jacket or a flannel to put around your waist. This is one of my favorite costumes I have ever done!


Group costumes are just the best, and if you look up group costumes on Pinterest… ideas are endless. There are so many ideas I have this year, from The Purge to even mermaids with my friends. We shall see what we come up with this year!


I hope you enjoyed some of these group costume ideas I have done in the past! Start planning with your girlfriends now, because Halloween is right around the corner!

Kate Chapman

Illinois State '19

Hi everyone, my name is Kate Chapman and I am a HC Illinois State editor-in-chief! I am a senior journalism student at Illinois State University and have found I have a passion for incorporating fashion and beauty into my writing and work. Check out my blog (misskatechapman.com) or follow me on Instagram @misskatechapman to connect!
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