Goodbye Prime Time Pizza

Illinois State’s favorite pizza place is closing it's doors for good. Prime Time Pizza announced that their last day of business is this Friday, September 19th.  Although it is closing for good, the memories will always remain. Whether it was a late night snack after hours of studying or your go to drunk dial at 2am, Prime Time Pizza was there for many people in times of need. But before we say farewell, some ISU students wanted to reflect on their most fond memories with the best pizza place in town. 


“I used my one phone call from jail to call Prime Time. Unfortunately, they were closed.”

-Eddie Sak, Junior


“I ate Prime Time almost every weekend Freshman year. Mostly because it was delicious and also because it’s the only pizza place number I didn’t have to try hard to remember (309-888-9999).”

-Caitlin Haines, Senior


"My brother and cousin used to go here and when they were coming back from going out they would go into Prime Time and run behind the counters when they were busy and would help answer phone calls. They're now Facebook friends with the owner and there's pictures of them hanging up." 

- Morgan Malone, Senior



“I went there no less than 20 times after Pub Wednesday my senior year, 10 of them being by myself. One time I ate two slices in in the corner of Prime Time by myself.”

-Megan Lawler, Alumnae


“A girl wouldn’t go home with me unless I bought her a Prime Time Pizza. I bought it and she fell asleep.”

-Alex Persons, Junior


“So, I love Prime Time so much that I would actually order a pizza while I was still out and time it so well that it would be there when I came home. My roommates knew I did this so I would come home to them already eating the pizza I ordered.”

-Steph McHugh, Senior



“I once had a really good onion and green pepper pizza from there. And I always took lots of Parmesan packets so thank you Prime Time for that.”

-Katie Kempiak, Alumnae


“A girl wanted me to get her one of those heart shaped pizzas for Valentine’s day… I saved some money, bought a Prime Time pizza, ate a slice, and gave her a Pac-Man pizza instead.”

-Colin Coyne, Junior


“I’ll never forget that night at Sigma Chi when we all thought we were amazing singers and sang Taylor Swift songs while the guys played the guitar… then we ordered Prime Time Pizza.”

-Stephanie Pouse, Senior


“One night I ordered Prime Time Pizza and woke up to Snapchats of a piece of it still hanging out of my mouth.”

-Nicole Newsome, Senior


“Prime Time Pizza>Papa Johns”



You will be missed Prime Time Pizza.