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‘Golden’ is Out & I Just Want to Discuss Harry Styles’s Looks Throughout the Music Video

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Harry Styles has released the music video to his latest single, “Golden“. Every time this dashing boy drops a new video, he graces us with his immaculate fashion sense. You know what means? I’m going over each outfit he wore in the video, and even the outfit that did not make it.

I would do anything to have Harry’s wardrobe and stylist. I don’t think I’ve ever hated any ensemble he’s worn. Like, ever. He can never go wrong. 

Shall we get started?

Running scene: oversized buttondown and graphic shorts

This is the chicest running outfit I’ve ever seen. Honestly, I would also feel so free and run so fast with this outfit on. The unbuttoned shirt is *chef’s kiss*. This outfit is also giving me major Zara catalog vibes—and I dig it. Maybe, that’s why I’m really into this look. 

Driving and street dancing scenes: mismatched pantsuit and knitted gloves

OMG, I did not know Harry was a part of “Miami Vice.” All jokes aside, the mismatched blazer and Gucci pants are so good together. The gloves? Absolutely phenomenal. This man really combined 80s detectives with grandma vibes. You can disagree with me, but we both know only Harry can pull this off.

Water scene: swim trunks

As our beloved Hazza once said, “Simple but effective.” He’s literally just in swim trunks, yet he still looks straight out of a high-fashion lineup. The power this man holds is too great. 

Standing on rock scene: statement pants and bucket hat

This iconic photo almost broke the internet when the announcement was made. The high-waisted floral pants with the bell-bottoms are so on-brand for him. Now, I want a pair, too. But okay, let’s also talk about the cute bucket hat. I think it’s so adorable. 

Bonus look: silk set

I got a question: where was this look? And follow up question, what happened to it? We were deprived of this lux lounge ensemble. Speaking on behalf of Harry stans, we deserved this one. 

Harry, if you’re reading this, I would love to be a part of your style team. Take this as my unofficial application to be join the gang. 

Celina Aquino

Illinois State '21

Celina Aquino is a senior studying finance and accounting at Illinois State University. She's a campus correspondent for the university's chapter as well as a national writer. Things that make her the happiest include groutfits and matcha. Check out "Style on the Move" on @hercampusstyle.
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