Girl's Night IN


Is there anything better than getting all dolled up for a night on the town with your best girl friends? The answer is yes, and that is staying in with your best girl friends. Do not get me wrong, girl’s night out is always a great time but sometimes you just need some quality girl time. And if you do not agree, you are doing it wrong so here are few tips to ensure you have the best girl’s night in:

1.     Comfy clothes. Do not even think about going to a girl’s night in without your favorite over-sized hoodie and your comfiest pair of sweats. Slippers are encouraged but not required.


2.     Movies. Would it really be a girl’s night without a couple of rom-coms or chick flicks? No. But do not be afraid to switch it up and bring a couple horror films. 

3.     Games. Even though your night is probably already going to be filled with gossip and movies, bring a game to play. Cards Against Humanity could get interesting.

4.     Food. I know this is the one you have all been waiting for. Bring food and A LOT of it. If each person contributes there will be plenty to go around. Or, you can plan to cook together. Homemade pizzas are always fun!


5.     Facials. Like every chick flick containing a sleepover scene it would only be right to do face masks. You can always pick some up at the store, but Pinterest has some great recipes to make your own. 

6.     Wine (IF 21). Just because you are staying in does not mean you cannot have a few glasses of wine. There is nothing like a giant bottle of Pinot Grigio (or 3) to get the night going. Oh yeah, did I mention you will probably stay up longer at girl’s night in than you do at any girl’s night out? Prepare yourself.  


Next time going out does not sound so appealing, get your girls together for a night in. I guarantee you can have a better time hanging out at home than you ever have or ever will going out!