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If you don’t know what ‘Fortnite: Battle Royale’ is, you probably live under a rock or haven’t lost a boyfriend to the epidemic. Should we, as women, be worried? Here is what you need to know about the game.

First off, what is Fortnite?

Have you ever heard of Pokemon-Go? Well it’s nothing like Fortnite, but basically just as popular. Fortnite is a video game where 100 players jump out of a magic flying school bus and battle each other to the death until one player is left. I’m not kidding. In the game, there are weapons, healing resources and materials around the island to help you defend yourself. In addition to worrying about being killed, there is a purple storm that reduces the playing area circle to force players closer together to battle it out. I can’t make this stuff up. For a better description, check out Urban Dictionary’s definition.

Why do the guys like it better than you?

First off, the game, unlike you, adds humor with funny costumes and dance moves for the characters. Ever heard of The Floss? Yeah, the Fortnite characters can actually do it. I bet you can’t Floss.

After trying to play the game myself (and horribly failing), I also realized there are levels and daily challenges, which is why he spends every waking moment playing. You probably get boring sometimes and don’t give him enough daily challenges. The boys can also “squad up” together on teams, making it even more difficult to get them off.

How does Fortnite affect us as women?

Well first off, it’s the reason he isn’t texting you back. Matches can last from anywhere up to 20 minutes, so if he hasn’t answered you in a while, he is too busy playing with his buddies to respond. You deserve the right amount of attention. Girls are even starting petitions in hopes to get rid of the game.

 Not all guys are bad. At least some are hiding in a bush to respond to their girl.

Some girlfriends are even making controller skins for their boyfriends. That way he can never forget you while playing. Too bad boys don’t even look at the controller when in use…

Should I support him?

A little gaming is expected from most guys and you should support that. Even if he isn’t interested in something you love, don’t you appreciate his support? Play the game a few times to show you care. You can even watch him live stream through a website called Twitch if you are all caught up on your Netflix season, homework, finished your laundry and have nothing else better to do! But, if you really want to limit his game time, give him a run for his money and use parental controls on his Xbox or PlayStation.


I wish you the best of luck in the battle against your boyfriend’s Fortnite addiction.

Kaitlyn McCormick
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