Get Over Your Fear of Colors by Trying These 8 Style Tips for Wearing Neon

Neon colors are here to stay, and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Neutral colors had their moment—it’s time to let the bright colors shine and make their statement. We know colorful pieces may be intimidating and hard to pull off, but we’re here to ease your worries! Trust us, it’s not that hard to incorporate vivid shades into your ‘fits.

1. Dark counterbalance

The safest way to wear neon is by matching it with black. The dark hue offsets the bright green while still giving it a moment to be the main focus of the outfit.

2. A pop of color

Sometimes an all-neutral look is just the way to go, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with it. Like, accessorizing with a hot pink miniature bag? Oh, yes!

3. Orange you a denim lover

If you’re down to incorporate another bright shade, a good pair of jeans will help you pull off the colorful vibe.

4. Velvety legs

Highlighter yellow and velvet pants might just be the most iconic duo. A little color and texture never hurt anybody!

5. One-tone

This is the complete opposite of your regular black monochrome outfits. Serve the ultimate look with a one-tone ensemble—neon purple has never been so chic!

6. Professional working gal

Dad shoes are cool, but dad blazers are even better! Next time you’re wearing a lively maxi dress, throw on a dad blazer to change up your typical work getup.

7. Pretty in pink

Hot pink turtleneck sweaters have been making their way around! Why not double on the pink and squeeze into a cute pair of magenta pants?

8. Girly meets tomboy

A royal blue set? Yes! A pair of sneakers with a neon color scheme? Yes! AND a long tan coat? Jackpot! Matching neon and neutral is such a concept, and we’re definitely here for the chill yet professional style.