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Get Back Your Morning Motivation

It is that time of year. The morning is darker, the air is colder, and your bed is the perfect temperature as soon as your alarm goes off. Trust me, I know it is getting harder and harder to not press snooze that third time. Class is becoming a grind, and once you are in this spot of the semester, it is hard to pull yourself out of this rut. But how can we get this motivation back that we so desperately need?

Well after pretending to be a morning person for a short while, I have started a morning routine to get me up and moving around. This, in turn, has helped me get my day started a little earlier and keep my energy up through out the whole day.

Wake up at a reasonable time

I know setting snooze that third time feels so good, but when you’re running 30 minutes late, it puts a little stress on your day. Try to make sure that you are up at least an hour and a half before the place you need to be. The goal is to get up early enough that you feel proud of yourself for waking up that early.

Set time aside for a good breakfast

Eating in the morning is so important. Then, you can relax the rest of the day and actually focus on the things you have to do instead of focusing on how hungry you are. If you have some spare time, make yourself a nice breakfast. Plus, who doesn’t like the smell of breakfast first thing in the morning?

Start off by doing something productive

Sometimes this can be something as easy as waking up early and putting the final touches on your paper or homework that is due the next night so you are not struggling to do them later in the day. Maybe even do something simple like making your bed so it is harder to crawl back into it. By starting off the day by stimulating your mind and crossing something off your agenda, this can be a great kick start to your day.

Treat yourself with your favorite drink

This can go along with setting some time aside for breakfast. If you do not like making food first thing in the morning, treat yourself with a coffee run whether it be Starbucks or some hot green tea from your favorite local tea shop. Whatever this is, it will give you that good boost that you need to start your morning.

Make a getting-ready playlist

Waking up is hard, but it is not that hard when you are jamming to your favorite music. It may help to set up a playlist to listen to while you brush your teeth, shower, or anything else that your morning routine consists up. Your favorite music will motivate to conquer your day.

Set a goal for your day

Your mornings will be so much easier if you tell yourself you are going to accomplish some things throughout the day. Make the goal to get some homework done in your favorite study spot, or relieve some stress with a good work out. In the end, you will feel so much better.

Hopefully with these helpful tips, it won’t be as hard to get moving every morning. 

Trisha Fritz

Illinois State '19

Hi I am Trisha- a natural born leader with a proven track record on taking chaotic situations and turning them into something great and a wannabe pop-culture expert. I am graduating Illinois State University in 2019 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism with a minor in Writing. In college, I worked at the schools TV station, TV-10. While in school, I’ve managed and motivated my peers in the communication area while balancing a hectic work schedule in the service industry. Do not let my wittiness fool you, this is all just a plan for world domination.
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