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Funk It Wellness: Let’s Talk About PMS

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Illinois State chapter.

Let’s face it, ladies: periods suck. No matter how much over the counter medication you take, you are never fully relieved from your PMS pain. You are always looking for a better solution. No need to look any further. Funk It Wellness is here!

Funk It Wellness is an all organic, plant-based PMS treatment that can be delivered to your doorstep monthly. How is it plant-based? Their treatment plan is entirely made up of seeds! This product uses a system called seed cycling to relieve women of their period pains. Kate Morton is the brains behind this genius operation. She said, “I was curled up in a ball because of my period cramps, and searched for natural PMS relief. I couldn’t find anything. Thus, Funk It was born.” The twenty-six-year-old founder is also a registered dietitian.  She used her knowledge of the human body and nutrients to create this incredible product!

The real question is, how does this all work? This product is comprised of pumpkin, flax, sunflower, and sesame seeds. These seeds contain ingredients, such as magnesium and Vitamin B6, that help boost your mood and lessen breast tenderness. The seeds also help regulate your estrogen levels, which can cause cramping, bloating, and moodiness if it is not regulated. Not only do these ingredients help with PMS, but they also assist with hair growth and hormonal acne. Funk It Wellness has broken down your period into its four main phases, your period, follicular phase, ovulation, and luteal phase. Each phase has different needs. The Funk It seeds are delivered in two separate packs with detailed instructions on when to eat them. 

By now you are probably wondering how you can acquire these products. You can go to funkitwellness.com and subscribe with just a few clicks! The subscription fee is $35 a month with free shipping. Funk It does offer a one time purchase, but it is recommended that you eat the seeds for more than one month to feel the best results. Women have said that their cramps and moodiness eased up within the first month! Funk It Wellness also provides women with a quarterly e-book that lays out various seed recipes for each season.

Funk It Wellness is a business that not only wants to help women feel better, but they also want to empower women. They frequently post about women’s rights and other important topics on their social media. Check out Funk It Wellness to be a part of the amazing product created by women, for women. 

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