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French Original Highlights the Cruel Cycle of Getting Back Together with the Wrong Person in “History”

French Original is back with a new single, "History", which perfectly exemplifies his evolving signature sound. His natural talent shines through this recent release.

At an early age, the French-born producer has pursued becoming a pop sensation. He's not only a producer but also a multi-talented songwriter, composing songs in English and his native language as well as playing various instruments.

He's worked with big names such as The Vamps, Plan B, Connor Maynard, and Madison Beer. 

Inspired by a friend's relationship history, he wanted to encompass the cruel cycle of going back to the same person over and over again because of the history you share together.

"I wrote this song after talking with a friend who kept finding herself being drawn back into a bad relationship," French Original explained. "It's really about how physical attraction and the intoxication of it can drag you back down a path of pain, something I think many of us can identify with."

The track will make you want to let go and dance freely. With his soulful vocals and groovy house bassline, "History" is the perfect jam for the last moments of summer.

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Celina Aquino

Illinois State '21

Celina Aquino is a senior studying finance and accounting at Illinois State University. She's a campus correspondent for the university's chapter as well as a national writer. Things that make her the happiest include groutfits and matcha. Check out "Style on the Move" on @hercampusstyle.
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