Free Pads and Tampons Anyone?

Free Pads and Tampons Anyone?

Yesterday ISU’s student government had by far the best idea I have seen in my college career so far. They were handing out free pads and tampons! Amazing, I know. After completing a quick survey I asked the woman in charge of this event, Ashley Shannon, a few question about this amazing thing they did.


I first asked her to tell me a bit about why she wanted to put on this event and what encouraged her to do it. She said “We see ourselves constantly celebrating the participation in sex but we can’t control our menstrual cycles” When think about this quote I found it to be absolutely true place like the well known G-Spot on campus is always giving out free condoms but never feminine hygiene products.

Ashley Shannon went on to say that she wants to hand out this products for free because its not always an expensive we want to have and that women’s bodies should be talked about more beautiful than they are now and days.

When asking her about how often this would happen on campus and if its something that will continue. Ashley Shannon answered that it is something that they definitely want to keep doing. “Once we find a department that will support us and say that they will constantly fund us we will hopefully see a long future of doing this.”

So if you are in need of these products of have a girlfriend, best friend, or any female you know take a quick survey and give them something they absolutely need. Keep an eye out for these ladies on the quad this month (while supplies last) Tuesday through Thursday from 10-2 and get two free pads and two free tampons.

Happy Periods Ladies !!!