Five 80s and 90s Movies to watch on Netflix

Have you ever been at home on the weekend and wanted to binge watch 80s and 90s movies but you don’t know what movies to watch? Well you’re in luck! Below I’m going to list the perfect 80s and 90s movies on Netflix to watch. I hope this list helps you with picking out the perfect movie for a Friday or Saturday night!

  1. The Breakfast Club

This movie is such a classic! It’s about a group of teenagers and they all end up in Saturday detention at the same time. All of the teens have different personalities and are from different places. They all share their stories and become close with one another while being in detention.

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2.  Sixteen Candles

This movie is about a girl named Samantha who’s 16th birthday is coming up and her family has forgotten due to her sister getting married. In the movie the girl Samantha likes this older guy and wants to get his attention. This is the perfect Rom-com movie!

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3.   It Takes Two

This is such a cute family movie to watch! This movie is about two girls who look exactly like twins and they switch identities. Both girls come from different backgrounds of life and they meet at summer camp. They want to make their parents fall in love with each other!

  4.  Truman Show                                      via: google

The truman show is about this guy and he lives a normal life until he realizes that everything in his life is fake and he’s being watched by hidden cameras. People in the movie try to control everything Truman does and everyone watches him. This is a very interesting movie to watch!

 5.  Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves              via: google

If you’re looking for a family comedy movie, this is the perfect movie for you! This movie is about a dad who’s a scientist and shrinks his wife and brother. They make their kids think they disappeared! This is such a cute movie to watch!

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I hope these movies give you some options for a Saturday night when you’re at home or with a group of friends! These are just a couple of 80s and 90s movies on Netflix that are good to watch. I hope you enjoy them!

Kai Johnson