Into a Feminists Mind

Hello my queens! Before I go into the depths of this topic, I would like to point out something. Everything I write is knowledge I have gained through taking classes on feminism and reading women’s literature for almost four years now. None of the things I say is hateful and I am not pressuring anyone to follow me or agree with me, but I do expect all my queens to respect my ideas, beliefs, and take them into consideration. Now I also want to point out that the vision of Feminism has been flawed by society, social media, and people who just don’t understand it. Im here to point out that feminism is NOT about hating men. It is NOT about angry lesbians refusing to shave and wanting to turn into men. Feminism is the radical notion that women are people. Period. Fighting for the equality between men and women in this society, this country, and other countries is the basis of the idea. Feminism is not a swear word, and there is no shame in being one. I am not ashamed of calling myself a feminism because I strictly believe that the queens in this society deserve better, that’s all. Now lets shift into the idea of patriarchy, as unfortunate as it is, we live in a patriarchal society. Feminism shows you the idea of patriarchy and how it exists. It is the power of men, being the superior gender and the main control of society. Now, have you noticed that women interests and beliefs take a back seat when it comes to men’s opinions on beauty standards and motherhood. I look at men as consumers and women as the workers, slaving away to accomplish this divine image of a perfect women, girlfriend, and wife. Big breasts, thick ass, hour glass shaped, long thick hair, no pimples, no scars, feminine jobs, pushover personality, being obedient, and having children when it is “convenient.”

Want some examples? Lets take a look at the most “powerful” women in the United States of America. The first lady, not a particular one, but the job description by itself. Have you ever seen the first lady out of shape, in public with sweat pants, messy hair, and no make up? Weird right? Lets dig deeper though. How much money does the first lady makes? Tons... probably...right? As a first lady, you are asked to live with a man for four to eight years (depending on the term) while not being allowed to have a job, a salary, not allowed to accept money from anyone or else you will be accused of fraud, impeached and so on. The first lady makes nothing. Isn’t that strange, as a model for women we are shown to sit in a house while the husband goes off to make the dough. That’s not all. The first lady must also prove to society that she is a good human being, does charity work, donates, and reads books to children, or whatever. She must do all of this for free. Why? Because society will not let this women disgrace the image created of being a beautiful, obedient, and kind first lady, always there supporting the husband. I’ll let that sink in, but we shall move on.

Lets move to a more relatable topic, motherhood. Many have some strong beliefs towards this, as do I. Feminism shows that motherhood has become modern day slavery in this society. Mothers are constantly told what to do with their decisions, their children, and their own bodies. The mothers voice is never actually heard. Also pregnancy is natural, right? Yet women have to pay extra for maternity clothes? Weird...Something else that is natural, periods! Yes those lovely “gifts” from mother nature every month, just blood coming out of a women’s vagina, we all know this, yet society still look at this as un-pure, gross, and shameful enough for girls to do everything to hide it. Why? Because girls are turning into women, growing breasts, becoming sexual objects to men? Isn’t it weird how the dress code starts in middle school, the same age group when girls get there periods? Why are men even looking at little girls in that way? Anyway, lets move on to sex shall we! Lets start with protection of pregnancy for men and women. Trojan condoms can range from eighty nine cents to about seven dollars, BUT for women, birth control can range from fifteen dollars to fifty dollars a month, and I am not even including the crazy things they stick up you and into your arm. So lets step back, both of these things are doing the same job, protecting from pregnancy but why is the women alternative invasive and more expensive? Weird. The equality in the simple day items are off.

Lets move on to another feminist topic, sisterhood! DOES NOT EXIST IN THIS SOCIETY! Women are constantly pined up against each other, fighting each other, competing against each other, hating each other, why? Society has been photo shopping women for decades causing envy to grow on the ones who do not look fake. Beauty products, the “good kinds” the pricing is outrageous! Depicting that only wealthy women can look beautiful, causing hatred between classes now. Walmart started locking black women hair products, but keeping the white women hair products unlocked, causing issues between women of color now. WHY! Do you see? Women are constantly being shown to hate each-other, with shape, color, personality types, its sickening and disappointing. Through everything I have opened your eyes to in society is what Feminism has taught me. It has also taught me to love, appreciate, respect, and understand women as well no matter what shape or color. I am a feminist because I support women. I want to grow successfully and I want the women around me no matter what shape or color to have the same opportunities. I fight for equality because men do have better options then women at the moment and it’s not fair. I do not hate men, but I support women. I support mothers, sisters, daughters, granddaughters, and most importantly, I support my queens like you. This is feminism to me.

XOXO Stay Royal My Queens