‘Extra’ Is My Middle Name, And I Fully Embrace it Because That Is Who I Am

For most of my life people around me, no matter how long they’ve known me, always tell me that I’m “too picky” or “too bratty” or “too snobby.” I wish I got a dollar for every time someone said, “You’re being so stubborn.” I would be as ridiculously rich as the Kardashians.


I am not sorry for being extra as can be.


I get that my taste in certain things do not always match what others tend to like, and I’m cool with that. But, what is so wrong about having such distinct choices? Isn’t that what makes us unique? Would any of us have personalities if we all had the same exact perceptions?

Growing up, my parents encouraged me to always be my own person, which they helped me achieve. They made sure that I never settled for less. Granted they taught me to appreciate the littlest and simplest things in life, and they raised a strong-willed girl that refuses to get less than what she deserves.


And, get this, I’m at a point in my life where I’m able to treat myself to a lot of what my heart desires. I don’t ask for anything; I get what I can for myself. I work for everything I need and want. I have every right to be a brat when I know it’s for my own sake. I want nothing but the best, and I will continuously strive for the very best.

I won’t stop getting my daily venti drinks from Starbucks. I won’t stop going there at least twice a day either. I won’t stop eating my smoothie bowls. I won’t stop color-coordinating my stuff. I won’t stop shopping at my favorite stores. I won’t ever stop pleasing myself.