Everything You Need To Know About Apple's New iOS7 Software Update



It is finally here! The much anticipated software update from Apple was released at noon on Wednesday. Social Media has been blowing up about the new iOS 7 update and the drastic changes that have been made. Apple has gone above and beyond with this update and it is the most drastic iOS update ever.

If you have not already watched the Apple video, it is a must see.  Apple once again does not disappoint as it showcases their newest magical gadgets.

As their products become more and more common and their competition gets stronger, they needed to step up their game and create something amazing that would leave even their most loyal fans drooling.

New features you need to know about:

  • More instant than Instagram: A set of filters for your photos instantly available and a new way to organize your photos. Photos will be organized by the year you took them so you will know exactly when it was taken.

  •  Bye Bye Pandora:  iOS7 has created iTunes Radio that allows you to have radio access inside of your music application. It allows you to add artists and search by genre just like Pandora.

  • Outsmarting the smartphone:  iOS 7 makes the smartphone smarter by learning when you use the apps and making them easy and accessible at the times you typically check them.

  •  S  leek and Stylish:   It has been a long time since we have seen a complete remodel of iOS. Apple has overhauled the design with new images for app icons, changed the color schemes, altered messaging, and they have made the screens multi layered to make it easy to switch back and forth.

  •   New gadgets:   New features like “Airdrop” and “Control Center” have been created. The Control Center is just a swipe  away. It contains things that you need quick and easy access to like brightness or WiFi settings. AirDrop allows you to send pictures to someone standing right next to you via a share button. WiFi or Bluetooth will pick up on the phone you want to send it to and will automatically transfer it.

  • Data Usage: Data usage is available for individual apps. You can turn it on or off at any point to make sure you are not using up unnecessary data on mom’s cell plan.

  • Get Organized: App folders can hold more apps than they used to! With added pages to each app folder, you can keep as many apps as you want in each separate folder.

Now if you are not one for change I would suggest waiting until a friend downloads it first to make sure that you know what you are getting into. Although it is a drastic change, Apple has done a great job making listening to customers past demands while leaving just the right dash of familiarity.  

For those of you not holding the latest and greatest Apple model in your hand, do not worry, the iOS 7 is available for other devices, but some do not contain all of the fancy features that you can get with an iPhone 5.


  • iPhone 4: iOS 7 is available but does have AirDrop, Siri or the photo filters

  • iPhone 4S: Has it all except for AirDrop

  • iPod Touch: the 5th generation iPod touch is the only iPod touch that can update to iOS 7 but gains all the features of the update

  • iPad: the original iPad does not have the update but the iPad mini, 3rd generation and 4th generation iPads are all suited for the update.

    Happy updating!