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Emily Klay ’17

Name: Emily KlayAge: 21Year in School: JuniorMajor: Graphic DesignHometown: Normal, ILRelationship Status: SingleFavorite Disney Movie: The Little MermaidCampus Activities: Dean of Students, Welcome WeekFun Fact: I’m an awful dancer, but I’m always dancing! 

HC ISU: Pretend you own a time machine… Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Emily Klay: I’d love to be a successful freelance designer; but, no matter what, I’ll be loving life.


HC ISU: Which type of food do you believe best fits your personality? EK: Donuts! Everyone love donuts!


HC ISU: Describe what makes up your perfect sandwich. EK: I’m a big supporter of peanut butter and banana. Sometimes I even add some honey!


HC ISU: What is your biggest guilty pleasure? EK: Just Dance. I could literally play that all day.


HC ISU: If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only have one item, what would that item be? Why? EK: My selfie stick. Think of all the selfie opportunities on that island!!!


HC ISU: What is your favorite letter of the alphabet? EK: Q.


HC ISU: Where is your favorite place in Blo-No? EK: Clear View church. I’ve developed such an amazing group of friends there, I always look forward to being there. 


HC ISU: If you were given $1.50 right now, what would you do with it? EK: Buy a McDonald’s coke 


HC ISU: Dogs or cats? EK: Too hard. Not answering that. 


HC ISU: What is your least favorite pick up line? EK: Do you eat lucky charms? Because you’re looking magically delicious.


Hannah Carnes is a sophomore double majoring in graphic design and sculpture at Illinois State University. Her dream is to someday move to Neverland where she can be young forever and never have to grow up...but if that doesn't work out, her fall back plan is to live in a tiny, but extremely chic, studio apartment in the big city.
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