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Ellie with the Paint, from Quarantine Fun to Side Business

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Illinois State chapter.

Art is something everyone can admire. People create art every day, whether it be the meal they make, or drawing out an idea. It is also a way people can express themselves and that is just what Ellie Littrel does. 

Ellie’s Art
Original photo by EllieLittrel

Ellie is from the small town of Heyworth, Illinois. She currently attends Indiana State University and is studying criminology. During this time in quarantine, she has taken on creating art pieces to not only keep her busy, but also to sell on her Etsy shop. She has only taken one art class before, but that is because she likes to have freedom with her art rather than being prompted, which makes her pieces unique. 

According to Ellie, quarantine was not the only reason she wanted to start painting. 

“I was seeing a lot of small artists and their work on my explore page on Instagram,” Ellie shared, “I knew I had supplies, but wasn’t sure where to start. However, I was in awe of all of the cool work that other people were able to make.” 

Ellie’s Art
Original photo by EllieLittrel

Since then she has created multiple pieces. Out of all of them, her favorite is “Pink Guy – Confetti Cannon.” Ellie expressed, “It’s a spin off of my very first painting but it is my largest piece and there is glitter on it so that is a major plus.” All her pieces have a similar feel, but that is what she likes about her art. 

However, she could not create her favorite piece without creating “Pink Guy – The Elements”. She spent countless hours trying to perfect it in every way, which is why she is most proud of it. Without that piece, she wouldn’t know where she would be at with her art. 

Ellie’s Art
Original photo by EllieLittrel

Recently, Ellie has decided to sell her art because she was receiving a lot of love from the people following her. However, like any other small artist, she would like to reach a larger audience. 

“I started an Etsy shop because some ideas are simply better made for pages and shops with a large following.” 

Ellie’s Etsy shop name is @EllieWithThePaint. She has multiple pieces on there and plans to put more. To see more of her art and what she does, you can also follow her on Instagram @ellielittrel. 


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