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Easy Hairstyles For When You Are In a Rush

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Illinois State chapter.

Let’s be honest, we are always trying to squeeze in five more minutes of sleep after our morning alarms go off. You give yourself some time to scroll social media and then you realize you have spent thirty minutes in bed and are running late to get ready. I am always in this situation, so here are a few hairstyles you can do when you are in a rush and want to look like you put the effort in!

“Messy” Bun

This hairstyle is tricky to perfect the right “messy” bun that looks put together and chill.


I am always putting my hair in one or double braids because they look pretty and make it look like I spend a lot of time on my hair. Plus, you’ll have great waves after wearing them all day long!

Anna Schultz-Girl In Braids Taking A Selfie
Anna Schultz / Her Campus
Slick Ponytail

If you like the “sleek” look, this type of ponytail is perfect for you. You look classy and ready to go! This hairstyle requires putting some product in your hair. Honestly, this hairstyle is perfect when you are a few days past your wash because your natural oils will slick your hair back for you.

All of these hairstyles take less than five minutes and are perfect when you are running late for classes or work!

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