The Do's and Don'ts of Black Friday

Since Thanksgiving is almost here, the day after is known as the ultimate shopping day for customers and retailers everywhere. Some stores even open during the evening on Thanksgiving (which I think is SO annoying for workers, being a former retail sales associate myself) to prove that their store has the best sales, while making many price drops by the minute to attract shoppers on getting to their store first. It is their time to shine on selling their top products of all kinds at an affordable and fast rate, just in time for the holiday season. Even though these sales may be amazing, getting carried away in all of the shopping madness is not great. Whenever I plan on buying something, I think to myself, "do I really need this right now or can I live without it and wait at least a week on it?" and this helps me in making a logical decision of how I spend my money. As far as Black Friday shopping goes, everyone has either experienced it by listening on the news about the crowds clustered in the mall or actually being one of the crazy people to wait in a 3 hour line for a huge flat screen TV on sale. It is important to have a fun Black Friday, but most important to be safe wherever you shop at. I made this list of do's and don'ts for Black Friday shoppers and hopefully will ease the beginning of an always hectic holiday shopping season. Shop 'til you drop and take advantage of those deals!

DO: Plan your schedule and your budget

It's always important to shop in a smart way, balancing your time at different stores, without overspending.

DON'T: Shop in a frenzy or impulsively

Avoiding to purchase unnecessary items, such as things by the register or multiple versions of an item, is key while taking on the Black Friday craziness.

DO: Check ads beforehand

Some stores may not have the best of sales so comparing ads is helpful in creating your shopping day.

DON'T: Travel to every store with sale signs

Many stores will have appealing sale signs, but it will be more beneficial to visit your favorite stores, instead of all stores.

DO: Clean out your purse and organize your belongings

Making sure you're not lugging around extra things will make you a much happier shopper so only keep the essentials (money, keys, cell phone, license, etc.) in your purse.

DON'T: Be a mean or stressed out shopper

Nobody likes a nasty customer and being rude to others will not make your experience enjoyable at all. Although this time of year is stressful, remember to take a deep breath and have fun while shopping with family and friends. After all, that is the real reason you chose to Black Friday shop!