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Skincare is crucial to healthy beautiful skin, along with your makeup looking its bests.


How exactly does skin care help your makeup look better? Taking care of your skin makes a smooth, clean surface and base for your makeup. If you don’t take care of your skin now, you are doing a disservice to your future regretful self, and your makeup efforts.


One of the best ways to take care of your skin and have an amazing surface for makeup is achieved by derma rolling, also known as, microneedling.


How it Works


This is a method of skincare that resurfaces your skin by creating tiny punctures into the skin’s surface. These tiny punctures send the message to your skin that healing is needed. This results in collagen production to be brought to the sight, and we all know that is our skin’s best friend. Derma rolling in essence is using your body’s natural rejuvenation power for your skin, but just giving it a little push. Derma rolling also allows for your skincare products to sink into your skin more easily. The tool you use is a derma roller with hundreds of tiny needles on a roller. This may seem a little scary, but don’t fret.


How to Derma roll

Before we get started you should know there are different size derma roller needles for specific locations and purposes on your skin. The shorter the needle, the more sensitive skin area you should use it on. So, for purposes of your face we would aim for a shorter needle length of 0.5 to 1.5mm. You can purchase these rollers online or in store, I got mine on Amazon.


Step 1


Disinfect your derma roller. This reduces any chance of bacteria getting into the skin and infection.


Step 2


Make sure your skin is makeup free entirely, then wash your face with a facial cleanser and warm water.


Step 3


Apply your favorite serums and skin care to your clean face. The use of a derma roller makes it easier for skincare to absorb faster and better into your skin. Use specific skincare that increases collagen and hydration to the skin.


Step 4

Gently roll your derma roller in horizontal, vertical, and in a diagonal direction. Make sure you pick up the roller before movie spots to avoid scratching or irritation. You do not need to apply pressure; the needles are doing the job themselves.


What it Will Help With:

  • Acne Scars
  • Wrinkles & Fine Lines
  • Pore Size
  • Uneven Skin Tone & Texture


Serum Suggestions:

PearlEsssence 24K Gold Peptide Infusion

PearlEsssence Overnight Recovery Serum


Derma rolling is not for everyone, and I recommend talking to your dermatologist about it and do your research! I am not a skincare professsional, however I have done my own research and have found the remedy is a great addition to my skincare routine! Have fun, and don’t be afraid of these little needles!


Kate Chapman

Illinois State '19

Hi everyone, my name is Kate Chapman and I am a HC Illinois State editor-in-chief! I am a senior journalism student at Illinois State University and have found I have a passion for incorporating fashion and beauty into my writing and work. Check out my blog (misskatechapman.com) or follow me on Instagram @misskatechapman to connect!
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