Dancing to the Dreams of Her Heart

Samantha Holmberg has been twirling through each chapter of her life ever since starting lessons at the mere age of four years old. As she grew older, she never stopped chasing the one thing she knew her heart could never relinquish, dancing.

It was a dream that would take her from the west suburbs of Chicago, to the City of Angels itself. “There’s an indescribable feeling that comes to me when I dance or when I watch other people dance. It’s brings me to my most vulnerable state,” she smiles. “I can express any type of emotion, tell any story, and can communicate with anybody around me. My soul feels intertwined with dance and I love that I can exchange energy and emotions with those around me.”

Currently, Holmberg lives in a two-bedroom apartment in the North Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles. Her days consist of homework from her online classes at Arizona State University, taking work out classes, running along the coast, or hitting the studio to work on a new project.

But most days, it’s dance. “I’m dancing pretty much every day, all day,” she laughs. “Whether it’s taking classes from guest choreographers, teaching my own choreography, or freestyling with my friends.”

“My ultimate goal is to book either a world tour or national tour with a major artist in the next year or so. I’ve been trying to book more award shows and music videos too. Eventually, I would love to travel the world and teach choreography,” Holmberg gushes. “That’s what is so special about dance. It’s a language that anyone around the world can speak and understand. You can connect with anyone. So yeah, I would love to travel and share my dialect with others around the world.”

While in school, Holmberg joined the Naperville ICE Competitive cheerleading team with all of her friends. She travelled around the country with the team for six years, but never felt fully committed.

“I loved being a cheerleader but my heart was always in dancing,” Holmberg explains. “So when I quit cheer, I went straight into dance classes and fell right back in love all over again.”

The Xtreme Dance Force became her home for the next six years until she graduated from Naperville North Highschool. As her friends began announcing which colleges they had been accepted to and where they were moving, the pressure of what path of life she would choose was beginning to weigh heavily.

“A lot of top choreographers from L.A. would fly in town to teach at our studio (Xtreme Dance Force),” says Holmberg. “Ever since then I always knew that I would end up going to California to dance no matter what college I went to. I never even really gave bigger colleges a thought because they wouldn’t allow me to dance.”

Holmberg packed her bags to officially pursue her dream as a professional dancer and enrolled in classes at California State University in Los Angeles. Upon arrival, she immediately joined five dance studios in Los Angeles, as well as signing on as a talent prospect with the MSA Talent Agency. The thrill of her new, glamorous life-style was exciting, but she sometimes doubted her decision to move so far from the people she loved.

“I’m not going to lie… the adjustment period sucked,” Holmberg laughs ruefully. “Not having the closest people in your life right next door to you, let alone half way across the country, was extremely difficult. There were many times I doubted my move but my family was also super supportive and kept reminding me of why I did this; to follow my dreams.”

“I did not enjoy college and I pretty much spent all of my time in North Hollywood with my dance friends, or I just slept and went to class at my school,” she looks away and sighs. “I was not happy. At the time, I was also in a long distance relationship with my high school sweetheart who had ended up staying close to home at the University of Illinois. He was living what seemed to me like ‘the college dream’ life. Seeing all of the fun he was having and everyone else’s cool experiences on social media was really hard for me.”

Tired of feeling down about herself, Holmberg decided to clean up her lifestyle. She cut anyone from her life who didn’t make her feel happy and kept a close group of friends that were eager to see her succeed.

“There’s so many people that move to L.A. to follow their dreams, so it is very easy to get caught up in the wrong crowd. You have to filter out people in your circle and surround yourself with the kind of energy you want to give out. I know I probably sound very hippy,” her face crinkling in laughter, “I now understand why artists always seem like these big hippies. We are so in tune with ourselves and our craft that our passion radiates into our life and relationships. I have learned to surround myself with people who inspire me and push me to be better.”

Holmberg’s hard work has paid off as she has achieved many career accomplishments including choreographing and starring in an episode of Disney Channel’s Bizzardvark, dancing in music videos for artists like Jbalvin, traveling the world for dance workshops, and performing with Bad Bunny as a back-up dancer at the 2018 Latin Grammy’s.

“We only have this one life to pursue anything that we want to. I understand that is easier said than done but if you put your mind to something, you’d surprised on how far you can go. Don’t have any regrets in your life. If you want to experience something or pursue a certain career or hobby, do it! Your happiness is just as important as your success. Do what makes you happy, always… Life will be so much more enjoyable if you do.”

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Who are your best friends?

"My two best friends are Jade Chynoweth and Taylor Knight. I am so incredibly grateful I found these two gems. They keep me grounded and are people I can trust with my life. We share similar passions yet also hold each other accountable on our goals. I am my most vulnerable self with them and they push me to be a better human." 

What's your favorite genre of music to dance to?

"R&B... it feeds my soul!"

What studios do you dance at in L.A.?

"KreativMndz Dance Academy, ImmaSpace, Movement Lifestyle, Millenium Dance Complex, & Debby Reynolds."

What advice would you give to your younger self?

"STOP STRESSING! Literally just breath and live life to the fullest. Enjoy the struggle and enjoy the heart aches because that is what is going to make you grow and make you into the best version of yourself."