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Cubs Parade Recap

I’m sure many of us aren’t over the fact that the Chicago Cubs are World Series Champions. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, the celebration was truly something to remember. The Cubs parade and rally was one of the seventh largest gatherings in history! Stuck in class and couldn’t attend? Here are a few things you missed:

1. Blue – everywhere

Well, if you didn’t like the color, Cubbie Blue, you probably do now! It’s definitely time to stock up on Cubs gear and represent the greatest city ever. These birds eye view pictures of the city speak for themselves.



2. Brett Eldredge

Yes – you read that correctly. Thousands and thousands of people joined in to celebrate with the amazing country singer, who led them in singing the famous song – “Go Cubs Go.” Eldredge wanted this to be the loudest “Go Cubs Go” ever sang, and it probably was.

3. Trust falls

Apparently climbing up light posts are a thing now?! Fans continued to make their way up light posts and trees the entire day- but it didn’t stop once they got up there. Fans then decided to do a trust fall into the crowd. We all love the Cubs, but be careful out there, people!


4. Early Morning Wake Up Call

That’s right, you missed out on getting up at the crack of dawn. Fans were way to excited to sleep or worry about getting their beauty sleep before this big day. Trains were packed before the sun was even out and Cubs fans were swarming the streets of Chicago by 5 a.m.!

5. Happiness

Chicago is beautiful, and it’s because of the people. The smiles and pure happiness that spread throughout the entire city of Chicago that day is truly something that is unforgettable. This was history. This was people coming together to celebrate one team. This was love.

Thank you, Chicago Cubs. They played their hardest to give us something to celebrate and all come together for. To me, that is the real history that was made.


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