C's Intro To College

Monday-Sunday 24/7, CDA 829


Course Description: 

I find it interesting to stare…to stare at the lives others live, wondering if they're real or not? Glance at the protection were promised. Is it fulfilled without a bullet in your chest, or six feet above? Too have skin be a divider rather than a home for organs and bones. The real reasoning behind rules, lines drawn or crossed, and if anyone is actually listening is the real bite. The biggest fear, too not be trusted, to not be heard, to not be understood, and to be blamed. Imagine all of these smooshed into one…welcome to Intro to College. 


Course Objectives: 

a) Protection 

Does it really mean human body protection, or dollars signs taped over mouths, the same mouths that construct new rules for safety anyway. 



Can someone tell me that if we walk down the sidewalk without glancing left and right, will we be okay? What if it was at night? Those blue cell towers seem tempting huh? If there is more towers going up does that mean more cases are being “lost or tossed.” Not saying that some Universities have terrible human beings working for them but some know the corruption. They hide it right behind the signatures we sign at orientation, where between the lines are the percentage of women sexually assaulted, sexually harassed, and sometimes killed… for that cruel domination. So protection, where does it lie? Where does it end or cut off? 


***Title 9 for example, cuts off when real evidence is produced against the perpetrator. Imagine if this person was in a well paid sport, club, connection, or have a heavy wallet at registration? Do you think a university would really pay a women to leave campus in the middle of the semester to finish at a community college because her rapist was in a popular sport? The answer is yes, that happened to a dear friend of mine. Or how about a tinder match? The woman knew them before so its obviously provoked by the women right? Wrong. I can tell you right now each and every woman can run out of fingers for how many stories, friends, loved ones, have been sexually harassed or assaulted. Not in anyway saying that this does not happen to other genders but from personal experience, I have been exposed to women perspectives. 


Reading Requirement: 

“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open” 

(Muriel Rukeyser). 


b) Skin 

Recently an event at my school was cancelled in the case that there was a “mis-scheduling issue.” Some communities on campus wanted to throw a homecoming and it was cancelled last minute for a sports event. The homecoming was being funded by student clubs on campus, who presumed to protest against the act. This seems a little too fishy to be some mix up.



Can someone treat an event for white business students professionally and then an event hosted by colored students have to wait outside in the cold to enter their own event through metal detectors? The answer is yes, Illinois State has been doing this for events within the Bone Center. It was just brought to my attention by a friend in my class, as well as many others who I have witnessed become extremely passionate towards releasing the truth about the school being “Anti-Diversity.” 

Isn’t it crazy how “diverse” a university can be when it is painted over with all those “rules.” “If there was no rules we would be no better than the animals,” they say. Old white men. But really if there was no white corruption what would happen? Would colored students be treated with the same human rights and respect they deserve. They are made up of the same atoms as everyone else. How bone chilling to think that these universities still carry racism in their wallets, in their palms, in their heads. Colored students are always questioned, and pointed for being at fault all the time. The anxiety, panic, discomfort, and anger felt. Where does it end?  



Two very strong objectives for this course, pay very close attention and show up on time, because tardiness and absence is not allowed. Letter grades will be dropped for dishonesty. 

I write for the voices that cannot speak on a platform such as this one. This is a college magazine and I have some college experiences and stories to share of plenty. Thanksgiving is coming up, maybe bring this to the table…silencing of survivors and discriminatory staff. What a head roller huh? Either way these conversations need to be said, and listened too. It is our Jobs as an audience member to collect observations, instances, stories, and create logical responses to it for good. 


Course Requirements: 

  • Time to be radical students.  
  • Stay Royal My Queens