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There’s something about the days getting shorter and the air a little crisper that makes you want to cuddle up under your favorite fuzzy blanket and watch something that feels just as cozy. Luckily for you, I don’t need the colder weather to indulge in comfort shows, and I have the perfect compilation ready for you to feast your eyes and pumpkin spice brain on.

The Vampire Diaries

Kicking this list off with the ultimate feel-good show, The Vampire Diaries holds a special place in my heart. The concept of vampires, witches and werewolves alone is a juicy Halloween vibe, but once you see who portrays these creatures, you’ll never turn back. This show is filled with love triangles, blood, sex and so. Much. Drama.

(Available on Netflix)

Gilmore Girls

Get ready to call your mom and tell her how much you miss her if you start this show. Rory and her mom Lorelai are a dynamic pair with many interesting men in their lives, but their mother-daughter relationship always comes first. Set in a small town where everyone knows everyone, you’ll feel right at home from your own couch.

(Available on Netflix)

Good Girls

While this show isn’t set on an autumn scene, it will leave you laughing one second and on the edge of your seat the next. Three mothers––two sisters and their childhood best friend––have led relatively normal lives, until they run into financial issues that bring a crazy, life-altering plan out of one of them. Joking and laughing about it at first, none of them are completely ruling it out…

(Available on Netflix)

Modern Family

To end on a good note, Modern Family is just that––a very modern family. This show is nothing but hilarious jokes, family bonding and evolving relationships that just make you feel good inside. One of the characters has just been adopted as a newborn in the very first episode, and by the end of the series is 14 years old. Watching her and the other children of the show grow up makes you feel like they’re your own children to be proud of too.

(Available on Hulu)

Before you settle down to start one of these shows, prepare to clear your calendar––they are all quite addictive. Make a cup of tea, hot chocolate, glass of wine, or whatever makes you most relaxed, and dive into a new world.

Kaitlyn Peppler

Illinois State '23

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